When a paint bomb does more damage to your culture, people and morale than a fragmentation bomb

According to Le Parisien, 

(Thank you Ava Lon for the translation)

Attack at the Louvre: what is known about the Egyptian Abdallah E.-H., the main suspect

The Egyptian man, aged 28 or 29, reportedly landed at Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle airport on 26 January. He was coming from Dubai, where he would have obtained a visa for France.

The identity of the Louvre assailant, who attacked the soldiers of Operation Sentinel with a machete this Friday morning, is gradually becoming clear. He was hospitalized in serious condition at the Georges Pompidou hospital in the 15th Arrondissement of Paris, after being hit on the flank and buttocks by several gunshots. It is now known that the man is an Egyptian who was born in 1988.

If he did not have any ID, a cell phone and paint bombs were found in the backpacks he was wearing. These elements allegedly enabled the investigators to establish his identity: Abdallah E.-H. The man who rented a hotel room in Rue de Ponthieu, not far from the Champs-Elysées, in the very chic 8th Arrondissement of the capital. Police then quickly searched the premises.

A return ticket to Dubai

The search allegedly confirmed that the assailant arrived by air on January 26 at the Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle airport from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He allegedly entered France with an Egyptian visa. The man had a return ticket to the UAE for Sunday February 5th. He was unknown to the French intelligence services; his identity was transmitted to Egypt for verification. In addition, DNA and fingerprint analyses are underway.

No explosives found on him

On Friday morning at around 9:45 the man burst into the gallery of the Carrousel du Louvre carrying two backpacks. After he approached the soldiers on patrol, he took out two machetes to attack them. According to prefect of Paris Michel Cadot, the man rushed at the soldiers, “uttered threats” and shouted “Allahu Akhbar”.

In the report, the aggressor, aged about thirty, was seriously wounded in the flank and buttocks. He was conscious when taken away by the ambulance. No explosives were found in his backpacks.
The man fought and risked being killed to try and gain entrance to the Louvre with a satchel full of PAINT BOMBS.

The Daily Mail has this report here as well.

Think about the damage to the treasures of Western civilization he could have done had he succeeded. And more importantly, lets consider the actual agenda of an agent that would be willing to risk his life to destroy the great works of art of our Wester heritage.

This was an attack on our culture on a scale we have not seen yet, had it been successful.  The great works of art at the Louvre might have become mere legends. As it is, the focus on teaching things like art and music is diminishing rapidly with increased Islamic populations, as typically they will not allow their children to learn it.

So this would be in keeping not only with the Islamic prohibition on representational art, but on the Islamic notion of ‘jehillia’, or erasing the “time of ignorance” (the period of all history before the time of Mohammad). The Saudis do it when archeologists discover an artifact from before the time of Islam. They will not allow it to be uncovered or seen, and often destroy it if it relates to another religion. In Gaza, Muslims are working every day to dig up any Jewish artifact and destroy it on conveyor belts with smashing machines.

This probably was not the first attempt at the Louvre. And it doesn’t take a prophet to know this was coming. I believe it was the opening scene of the creators of South Park’s movie, Team America.

We need to learn, or at this stage, be willing to accept the facts of what Islam is, and what it wishes to do to us, our culture and our history, if he expect to ever develop policies that will serve the interests of a free and liberal democratic society.

Pretending Islam is just another form of Judaism or Christianity, a kind of curried Christianity as one British observer claimed, is virtue signalling at the highest imaginable cost.

*Check out this comment for more on this*

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  1. Real News:
    They were palette knives.
    His hands were up.
    He was walking away.
    He was a pastor.
    He was going to paint the Rainbow Flag of Peace.
    Muslim Lives Matter.

  2. Today’s event at the Louvre stirred up memories of dire warnings from over a decade ago…

    JihadWatch: Douce France, by Hugh Fitzgerald originally posted June 23, 2004

    JihadWatch: Louvre to have Islamic Art Wing posted July 31, 2005

    JihadWatch’s Hugh Fitzgerald: Who will save the monuments? dated June 14, 2006

    JihadWatch, Fitzgerald: Start Your Own List June 19, 2006

    “. . . look only at what has happened since the new century began, since 2000. And here is a tentative list off the top of my head:
    Bamiyan Buddhas, 1,500 years old, in Afghanistan, destroyed by Taliban with explosives, and technical help from Saudi and Pakistani engineers.
    Tomb of Joseph in Israel, the grave marker reduced to rubble by the “Palestinians,” despite that site supposedly being sacred to Muslims as well as to Jews.
    A Hindu temple in Kuala Lumpur, where Hindus and Chinese both labor under the disguised Jizyah of the Bumiputra system.
    Orthodox churches and monasteries, destroyed in Kosovo and Bosnia, in full view of NATO troops, the U.N., and the world’s media.
    And then, of course, the thousands of churches destroyed in Indonesia, as recorded by the Barnabas Fund.
    The remaining Greco-Bactrian artifacts among the tiny holdings in the Kabul Museum.
    The damage done to the Temple Mount structure by the excavations and vandalism to Solomon’s Stables from the “Palestinians.”
    Statuary vandalized by Muslims — both Christian statuary in a church in northern France, and pagan statuary in the Piazza del Popolo.
    The medieval Armenian cemetery of Jugha in Azerbaijan — obliterated by Azeri authorities.
    Oh, these are just things that come off the top of one’s head.

  3. All museums in Europe should increase the number of their guards and the level of their armament, the private owners of artworks should consider moving them to other, safer nations and work to ensure that the cancer doesn’t get as bad in the new location as it is in France.

  4. Muhammad personally hated art and considered it the work of the devil. I’m not sure why, but he’s definitely on record as being of that opinion. Muhammad was basically against anything the might pull you away from constant and fanatical adherence to his religion. He wanted the inside of your mind to be just, “Allah, Allah, Allah…” all day long. That’s why people like ISIS and the Taliban outlaw music and movies and pictures etc….

    If you sat down and thought about it for a year it would still be impossible to outdo Islam as the most perfectly incompatible thing imaginable with a western democracy. The fact that the left wing is fighting so hard to let it into the West is inexplicable…

  5. Louvre attack suspect identified as 29-year-old Abdullah Reda – Egypt sources

    CAIRO Feb 3 (Reuters) – The man suspected of attacking a soldier in Paris’s Louvre museum on Friday has been identified as Abdullah Reda al-Hamamy, a 29-year-old Egyptian born in Dakahlia, a province northeast of Cairo, two security sources said.


    Suspect Abdullah Reda Refaei al-Hamamy is Egyptian and had only been in France for a matter of days before the attack

    The suspect has been identified as 29-year-old Abdullah Reda Refaei al-Hamamy, who lives in the United Arab Emirates but is originally from Egypt, according to security sources.

    Parisian prosecutor Francois Molins said the suspect had arrived in France on 26 January after acquiring a one-month tourist visa in Dubai.

    He was shot after shouting “Allahu Akbar” and launching himself at a soldier at the entrance to the attraction, police said.

    The soldier – part of a four-man patrol – fired five times, hitting the man in the legs and stomach and seriously injuring him.

    The assailant is said to have become violent when he was told he could not enter with his bags. Two machetes were found at the scene.


  6. Be ready at anytime to defend yourself against Lucifer. Christians had to defend themselves against the devil for century.
    Liberalism and Islam are a danger to civilization as we speak.

  7. Cultural annihilation similar to what ISIS has done in Syria and Iraq. This Egyptian is an ISIS guy and probably part of an islamic plot group in France.

  8. During WWII the Nazi’s stole a lot of art and destroyed some modern art and were correctly called barbarians.

    Today Moslems are busy destroying all art they can find and the pseudo intelligentsia who claim to love art are going to go through all sorts of contortions to tell us why this hatred of art that is described in the Koran is unIslamic.

  9. Here’s a comment left on Jihadwatch once, by an archaeologist who visited excavations in Pakistan… the comments seem to have gone now, but luckily I saved this one earlier, as it was a perfect example of how Islam tries to physically “rewrite history” …

    nessitasnonhabetlegem | February 11, 2007 12:51 AM

    …A couple of years ago I was privileged to be allowed to join a study team looking into the rock carvings (petroglyphs) and inscriptions along the Karakorum Highway – part of the old ‘Silk Road’ network – which are, or, rather, were, some of the most historically important artifacts in Pakistan. I had read, naturally, the opinions of Professors Jettmar and Hauptmann (Heidelberg University) and also Professor A.H. Dani (Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, Pakistan) a most civilised moslem of the ‘old school’ so to speak) and I looked forward to a very civilised and enjoyable two months pottering about amongst some very interesting carvings.

    Well, I was never more mistaken in my life! The rock carvings are mainly, but not exclusively, in the area around the village of Chilas in the Diamir District and it cost the whole team almost two thousand pounds (three thousand US dollars) in bribes, and three weeks of time in Islamabad, to have our travel documents made good for the journey to Chilas. It cost us an additional one thousand five hundred pounds for the ‘arrangement’ of a military escort – an escort, incidentally, which was never provided; we were, instead, escorted, if that could be construed to be the correct word, by a group of what I can only describe as barbarian, gun-toting ruffians who had to be paid off in US dollars on a daily basis.

    When we finally got to Chilas – a nightmare journey which took three days – we had the added financial burden of having to pay a ‘tax’ to each and every mosk in the area in order to be allowed to stay there (this eventually came to over one-and-a-half thousand pounds) and various moslem clerics routinely searched our baggage for what they called ‘illegal works’ and ‘the devil’s machines’ and which we came to realise meant Christian writings and anything that looked like having a purpose more than that of a simple camera.

    We had been told that there were some 45 sites on a stretch of the Indus of about 80 miles in length, and on both banks, with about 40,000 petroglyphs and 10,000 inscriptions in more than 15 writing systems and that the carvings were scraped, or chiseled in some cases, into the larger stones scattered about on the river banks and the lower flood banks of the river valley. Certainly there are at least that number of sites but at almost every site we visited systematic destruction of the carvings had obviously taken place.

    At one site, a mere ten miles from Chilas, we witnessed for ourselves a group of locals, obviously under the directions of several clerics, systematically destroying the stones with large hammers, steel rods and sundry other tools. When we attempted to remonstrate with these people we were physically attacked and our interpreter – a young man from Islamabad – told us that our attackers were telling us that they were deliberately destroying the works of the ungodly that the British put there so that they could come back and claim the place as their own again!

    No amount of reasoning and explanation seemed to get through to these people. Some three days later we did manage to convince one imam that these rocks were much older than the British colonial era and he turned to us and said, according to our translator, that if they (the rock inscriptions) were indeed as old as we claimed then they didn’t matter and should be destroyed anyway for they obviously came from the mythical (his word) era before the coming of the prophet and so had no validity. He added that because we were interested in them then they all had to be destroyed to save his people from the evil ways which we infidels brought with us. All of this, you understand, from a man who was counted amongst the folk of that area to be educated and knowledgeable!

    I’m not ashamed to admit that on the aeroplane home to London I wept – yes, really, I cried. Why? Because these damned barbarian moslems don’t just want to rewrite the past, they want to destroy it also – they want to remove any evidence that anything is any different from that which they claim. They are doing it everywhere and all the time – robbing all of us of our past, cutting us off from our various identities, systematically destroying our sense of us. Even here, in civilised old Britain, I have encountered moslem youths who disrupt archaeological conferences, attempt to destroy archaeological sites, attack archaeologists and pervert knowledge in a desparate attempt to deny that the past ever contained anything other that islam.

    And what do we do? Well, we give in as far as I can see. Some days it just all seems so hopeless.



    • “And what do we do?”

      Stop digging and wait until there is a civilization in Pakistan. What Muslims are not led to, they can’t destroy. Reunification would be ideal.

    • Very informative article.

      Personally, I just plain don’t believe there was ever a “Golden Age of Islam”, vibrant with the arts and sciences. I think there were conquered people who worked for the Muslims rather than being beheaded, but I don’t believe that large numbers of Muslims invented or wrote anything. They sure don’t now, why would they be able to back then? Along with the idea that the Crusades were an immoral aggression on the part of the Christians against innocent Muslims, I think the Golden Age is one big fat fib.

      Just think. If the Muslims succeed in their Jihad and take control of the world, there will soon come generations of people who have never heard of Julius Caesar or Cleopatra or Richard the Lionhearted or Frank Sinatra. All that Infidel history will be long expunged and replaced with fairy tales about how some guy called Mo invented the light bulb. What a nightmare!

      Honestly! I’ve never even conceived of anything as purely diabolical and evil as the religion of Islam…

      I say we should open our borders to all minorities being persecuted by Muslims as well as any Muslim who genuinely wants to abandon Islam and join the rest of the world. Muslims who still believe in Allah and pine for Sharia can stay right where they are…

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