Part I of III of a documentary on West Europeans fleeing ancestral homelands to Non-Muslim East Europe

(One can still smell the contempt of the documentarian for the French who left for their own safety as being a traitor to his own suicide.)


There is a lot to know about this film and its maker, but for the moment:

Film written and directed by French Filmmaker
Gérard Boyadjian
Free English translation of original title: CAMEL # Don’t conflate !

“Pas d’Amalgame” is the Pavlov’s Dog response barked by the French authorities each time there is a terror attack. It could be seen as the French version of “nothing to do with the euphemistically referred to ‘religion of peace’ “.

Regarding “Camel”: In French, “Chameau” is used to describe a nasty person, because – rightly or wrongly – Camels have the reputation of being nasty.

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When a paint bomb does more damage to your culture, people and morale than a fragmentation bomb

According to Le Parisien, 

(Thank you Ava Lon for the translation)

Attack at the Louvre: what is known about the Egyptian Abdallah E.-H., the main suspect

The Egyptian man, aged 28 or 29, reportedly landed at Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle airport on 26 January. He was coming from Dubai, where he would have obtained a visa for France.

The identity of the Louvre assailant, who attacked the soldiers of Operation Sentinel with a machete this Friday morning, is gradually becoming clear. He was hospitalized in serious condition at the Georges Pompidou hospital in the 15th Arrondissement of Paris, after being hit on the flank and buttocks by several gunshots. It is now known that the man is an Egyptian who was born in 1988.

If he did not have any ID, a cell phone and paint bombs were found in the backpacks he was wearing. These elements allegedly enabled the investigators to establish his identity: Abdallah E.-H. The man who rented a hotel room in Rue de Ponthieu, not far from the Champs-Elysées, in the very chic 8th Arrondissement of the capital. Police then quickly searched the premises.

A return ticket to Dubai

The search allegedly confirmed that the assailant arrived by air on January 26 at the Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle airport from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He allegedly entered France with an Egyptian visa. The man had a return ticket to the UAE for Sunday February 5th. He was unknown to the French intelligence services; his identity was transmitted to Egypt for verification. In addition, DNA and fingerprint analyses are underway.

No explosives found on him

On Friday morning at around 9:45 the man burst into the gallery of the Carrousel du Louvre carrying two backpacks. After he approached the soldiers on patrol, he took out two machetes to attack them. According to prefect of Paris Michel Cadot, the man rushed at the soldiers, “uttered threats” and shouted “Allahu Akhbar”.

In the report, the aggressor, aged about thirty, was seriously wounded in the flank and buttocks. He was conscious when taken away by the ambulance. No explosives were found in his backpacks.
The man fought and risked being killed to try and gain entrance to the Louvre with a satchel full of PAINT BOMBS.

The Daily Mail has this report here as well.

Think about the damage to the treasures of Western civilization he could have done had he succeeded. And more importantly, lets consider the actual agenda of an agent that would be willing to risk his life to destroy the great works of art of our Wester heritage.

This was an attack on our culture on a scale we have not seen yet, had it been successful.  The great works of art at the Louvre might have become mere legends. As it is, the focus on teaching things like art and music is diminishing rapidly with increased Islamic populations, as typically they will not allow their children to learn it.

So this would be in keeping not only with the Islamic prohibition on representational art, but on the Islamic notion of ‘jehillia’, or erasing the “time of ignorance” (the period of all history before the time of Mohammad). The Saudis do it when archeologists discover an artifact from before the time of Islam. They will not allow it to be uncovered or seen, and often destroy it if it relates to another religion. In Gaza, Muslims are working every day to dig up any Jewish artifact and destroy it on conveyor belts with smashing machines.

This probably was not the first attempt at the Louvre. And it doesn’t take a prophet to know this was coming. I believe it was the opening scene of the creators of South Park’s movie, Team America.

We need to learn, or at this stage, be willing to accept the facts of what Islam is, and what it wishes to do to us, our culture and our history, if he expect to ever develop policies that will serve the interests of a free and liberal democratic society.

Pretending Islam is just another form of Judaism or Christianity, a kind of curried Christianity as one British observer claimed, is virtue signalling at the highest imaginable cost.

*Check out this comment for more on this*

Monkey in Libya starts week long, hijab war and more: Links 2 on November 20 – 2016

1, SNL: The Bubble

(I strongly recommend that the cast, crew, staff and writers of SNL be the first ones to move in. Show the rest of the snowflakes the way please.)

2.  Muslim Religious Leader says Saying Merry Christmas is Worse than Murder

(Like seeing A Christmas Carol on TV, every December the Muslims start making the same set of claims. And every year more of them make it more honestly. Clearly though, the very religious muslims have little problem with murder. So how bad can saying “Merry Christmas” really be?)

(Article is from Nov. 20 2016 but video is 2014. Still, this guy is not an exception to Islamic policy. “Shirk”, the Islamic concept of equating any other idea or person to “Allah” is the greatest of crimes. So Christmas is Shirk as well as imitating the Kufar. Legally Islamicaly, he is correct.)

3. Monkey takes cloth of Muslim girl’s head in Libya, war starts for 4 days killing 21 and injuring 50.

A shopkeeper’s monkey from a Libyan tribe pulled off a Muslim girl’s headscarf in what the Globe & Mail describes as an attack by the monkey. This set of tribal warfare between two warring tribes, one of whom was Muslim, which resulted in a large number of deaths.

4. CIA chief appointee vows rollback of ‘disastrous’ Iran deal

(It just keeps getting better and better with Trump doesn’t it?)

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for CIA chief, Congressman Mike Pompeo on Thursday promised to work to cancel the Iran nuclear deal.

A known critic of outgoing U.S. President Barack Obama’s foreign policy, and of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Pompeo tweeted on Thursday: “I look forward to rolling back this disastrous deal with the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism.”

Pompeo joins General Mike Flynn, national security adviser nominee, on Trump’s list of appointees. Flynn, too, has been overtly critical of Obama’s foreign policy, accusing him of failing to fight an aggressive war against terrorism.

(To Obama, Jews being murdered because they are Jews are just “a bunch a folks at a Deli”. So I think his policies concerning Israel need a close second look.)

5. The KSA wants to expel Iran from the OIC.

Jeddah — The Council of Gulf International Relations (COGIR) has urged Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) as well as Arab and Islamic states to expel Iran from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) because of its harmful acts against Islamic unity and solidarity and its sponsoring of terrorism and promoting sectarianism.

The Council also stressed that Tehran’s instigation of its agents in Yemen to target Makkah showed the Muslim world the hatred of this country for Islam’s holiest sites.

(Shame about those American made anti missile missiles that stopped it)

6. French Police continue the new normal. At this point I think it may be better described as the national sport. Busting up violent and destructive riots by leftists and muslims over one thing or another. Time for a new category I think.

7. Classical liberals in Germany march to protest new mosques:

8. Pro-Palestinian Activists Vandalize Portuguese Restaurant Over Chef’s Visit to Israel

The Times of Israel reports: Anti-Israel activists vandalized a restaurant in Portugal because its head chef participated in a food festival in Israel.

The perpetrators, who are believed to be activists for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel, on Friday night spilled red paint on the façade of the Cantinho do Avillez restaurant in the northern city of Porto and posted signs on it reading: “Free Palestine,” “Avillez collaborates with Zionist occupation” and “Entrée: A dose of white phosphorus.”


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