Dispatches Channel4 show on Islamic infiltration of UK schools

First, here are a couple of links that should bring you to the show.

1. The official one which only works if you are in the UK.

2. This one which kinda works everywhere but you may have to close some annoying adds and try a few times but it does play. (Better links will likely appear sooner or later)

Those of you who know how to use a VPN may want to set their location for somewhere in England and watch it on the original link.

This documentary starts out fairly well and does some reasonable exposing of some of the horror that takes place at schools now run by islamic authority. But it quickly turns on Jewish and Christian schools and tries to make the moral equivalence, if not directly by inference, that not teaching evolution as fact is equivalent to a Muslim school having speakers in who advocate murder of homosexuals and islamic supremacy etc. etc.

Yes, one of the most extreme sects of Jews seem to have underground schools where kids are taught in substandard buildings and probably do not get the standard British education among other things, and, if it is as presented, it should be stopped immediately. But the Christian schools in their example just taught creation in science class, (which is wrong no matter what you believe, as creation is a faith based idea and non-quantifiable and therefore not science even if true) and cannot be compared to what takes place in these muslim schools.

It is unfortunate that in the interest of ‘balance’ they had to pretty much destroy some solid points they made and expose some genuine problems which are a threat to British societies and even sovereignty by comparing it to annoying but relatively banal problems that no-doubt do exist in other faith based schools.

When they can find a Jewish or Christian school that advocates killing of the other, of treating music as a crime or one of the other myriad issues at Muslim schools which are anathema to British culture and history and law, then they can be included. Sadly though, by the end, it looked like a kind of dhimmitude on the part of the video maker as they tried to hard to say that it didn’t represent real islam, and that other religions do this too without any sort of percentage that might give a hint as to how widespread it might be across these faith groups.

In any case, its worth watching even if it makes you angry by the end.

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