More protests in Toronto on the Mosqueteria

For anyone unfamiliar with this issue, in a nutshell, Blazing Cat Fur broke the story that everyone else ignored, that various public schools in Toronto, with a focus on one, have been breaking all the Canadian laws on having no religious services at a public school and having them anyway, strictly for Muslims in the school cafeteria and one school actually bringing an imam in from what people call an ‘extremist’ mosque’, which of course as we know from study after study just means a mosque, and segregating boys from girls as well as girls on their menses from girls not so. Another breach of Canadian law. Canada would have a law about segregating girls on their periods but of course, we cannot have imagined that degree of barbarism so we don’t have one.

In any case, another protest took place against the Toronto District School Board Sept. 17 2011 that holds these ‘Mosqueterias’ (a term coined by yours truly) which has a logo suspiciously like a crescent moon with a star in it. (just saying is all) and here is a video of it from the SUN news link above.

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  1. Sue them if you have to, but enforce the law equally, And someone tell those leftards at the school board that muslims are not always obligated to pray at specific times and those “prayers” (I view them as curses) can be made up at home when convenient. The muslims are playing them.

  2. At least, Sun News has the decency to show both sides of the issue. It is also nice to see ‘visible minority’ people expressing and respecting the Canadian values’ side of the issue. As for the story itself, the issue is not about ‘the right to practice your religion’, it is about the use of a public facility to do so.

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