Toronto District School Board vetoes book about Islamic-state sex-slaves because it may cause Islamophobia

Yes. Really. The Toronto District School board, which long time readers of this site may remember from such stories as the Mosqueteria, where boys are in the front, girls behind, and menstruating girls right at the back, now have banned a book by a woman who was kidnapped and made into a sex slave by the Islamic State because factually stating the motives for her treatment, may cause rational fear for those motives. AKA “Islamophobia”.

Let’s have a look see at the logo for the TDSB, shall we?

Look familiar?

This site has monitored quite a history of submission to Islam by a public school board, Specifically the Toronto District School Board.

This latest breach of reality and freedom not just of speech, but freedom for an oppressed woman to speak of her own personal experience is a powerful milestone of the degradation of Canadian culture, law and society.

13 years ago, Christopher Hitchens saw this coming. Well lots of us did, but he put it rather well.


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8 Replies to “Toronto District School Board vetoes book about Islamic-state sex-slaves because it may cause Islamophobia”

  1. Wow.
    I always knew that the West had been sold bit by bit to Islam over the last 60 years or more,
    but this is a TOTAL sellout of everything that’s supposedly to be our Human Right of knowledge.
    But as we see here clearly only Muslims are considered Human in the Woke mindset, and that means knowledge about their Human Rights abuses are against their Human Right to abuse all Non-Muslims of their Human Rights.
    After all non-Muslims are not considered Human in Islam anyway, ergo No Human Right Abuses through Islam possible.

    I think I go throw up…..

    • The politicians could learn about the love in Islam, if they were to read the Facebook page of the Canadian leader of the terrorist organization, Hibz ut-Tharir, Mazin Abdul-Adhim, living in London, Ontario.

      “May Allah (swt) bring about the end of the rule of these treacherous, tribal puppet-dogs of the West and replace them with a just Khaleefah who will demonstrate what real Tawheed looks like, not this “Tawheed” for naive and ignorant we see today.”

  2. The Definition of Islamophobia:
    (A.) When a non-Muslim knows more about Islam than we are “supposed” to know.
    (B.) When a Muslim finally learns the awful Truth about Islam.
    There are 109 verses straight from the koran, demanding ALL muslims to steal from, hate, murder, and commit terror against all people who will not submit to a Dhimmi status, or convert to Islam.
    Isn’t it natural to fear something that threatens to kill you, or enslave you, and turn your wife and daughters into sex slaves… and destroy and subvert your country?
    I am sick of Islam being shoved down the throats of the American people. Those of us who openly oppose Islam are labeled as Islamophobic.

  3. The logo is hideous
    Quote by Christopher Hitchens stays on my fridge

    A term created by fascists
    Used by cowards
    To manipulate morons”

  4. Please someone suggest this old memoir Acceding to his mother’s pleas, the young Haigaz became a willing convert. For the next four years, he lived [as a slave] among Kurdish tribes, tending sheep, reaping crops, feeding chickens and serving as a trusted messenger. He and his mother were sent on deportation, a forced march leading to [death in] the Syrian desert
    [Let me correct Time: no camps in the Syrian desert — just piles of bones]

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