Muslims want permanent prayer rooms high schools

The Sun:

MTS principal Ana Paula Fernandes stands in what will soon become a muslim prayer room at the catholic school in London, Ont. on Wednesday Sept. 12, 2012. Up to 15 students will use the room for Friday prayers.

Credits: DEREK RUTTAN/The London Free Press/QMI AGENCY


OTTAWA — While Ottawa high schools profess to offer prayer rooms for Muslim students, an Islamic leader says they don’t have a permanent space and are often relegated to small classrooms, if they can get space at all.

Washim Ahmed is the Islamic director of Carleton University’s Muslim Students’ Association and he leads a prayer service at more than half a dozen public high schools in Ottawa on Fridays.
But he said none of the schools have permanent prayer rooms, and they’re often shuffled between classrooms or the gym, depending on what’s available.

Sometimes, he said there simply isn’t a room they can use.

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10 Replies to “Muslims want permanent prayer rooms high schools”

  1. NO, NO, NO, NO, NO. Which part of N-O don’t these idiots not understand. They (muslims) can do their damn praying at home. Leave our schools alone.

  2. I don’t care if muslims don’t have prayer rooms. They can do their hateful self-brainwashing at one of their many mosques or do it at home. I don’t care. BUT if they get a prayer room then the school boards better be prepared to fulfill demands for prayer rooms from ALL other religions to have their separate prayer rooms too (muslims will not equally share theirs).

  3. It’s bad enough that prayer services in public schools during the school day are in direct violation of the Education Act. Now this imam wants the installation of permanent prayer rooms. Many schools are strapped for cash and cannot provide for some core curriculum subjects such as music, art or drama without fundraising. I doubt this prick has ever baked a brownie to help raise funds for much needed sporting equipment for ALL students to use and enjoy. But he’ll insist that the taxpayer secure sharia standard prayer rooms for Muslims.

  4. The principal of Mother Teresa Catholic secondary school should be forced to familiarize herself with Sura 9, Verse 29, Part 2 “Repentance” in the Qur’an
    & Review The Pact of Umar which states:

    Christians will:

    1. Allow Muslims to rest “in our churches whether they come by day or night”;
    2. “Open the doors [of our houses of worship] for the wayfarer and passerby”;
    3. Provide board and food for “those Muslims who come as guests” for three days;
    4. “Respect Muslims, move from the places we sit in if they choose to sit in them” – shades of Jim Crow;
    5. “Have the front of our hair cut, wear our customary clothes wherever we are, wear belts around our waist” – these are so that a Muslim recognizes a non-Muslim as such and doesn’t make the mistake of greeting him with As-salaamu aleikum, “Peace be upon you,” which is the Muslim greeting for a fellow Muslim;
    6. “Be guides for Muslims and refrain from breaching their privacy in their homes.”

    Review some recent history and current events as well. Consider the ill treatment of Coptic Christians in Egypt or the few remaining Christians in Bethlehem today . Perhaps she would review the fate of Catholic monks who were massacred by Muslims in Algeria in the 90s.
    Each of these provide examples of increasingly compliant dhimmi’s and their misguided attempt at tolerance for Muslim sensitivities which are NEVER reciprocated and given time, never end well.

  5. Richard,

    I wouldnt hold your breath waiting for a new annex of the neighborhoood synagogue and the baptist church to show up at your local public school. The religious tolerance only ever goes one way in the west, and thats Mecca

  6. The principal should be sacked and how wrong this is.

    Muslim EXPECT us in the West to adapt to all of their perversions and evil ways.

    F–k Iskam and the prophet mohammad. There will be more peace possible when the world is Islam free.

  7. I am not sure what happened to Ontario from a point of view of politics and policies. It is possible that the post 1970 exodus of Anglos from 1) Quebec and 2) England damaged the conservative nature of Ontario.

    Ultimately, if the West does not rise up and kill all politicians and journalists and deem it necessary that these inbred vermin ( muslems not the politicians ) only be allowed to reside in the West if they are a) blinded or b) have their legs surgically removed below the kneecap, then it’s lights out.

    I mean darkness, savagery, every man, woman for themselves to survive in a stone age economy.

  8. Why are you all so racist have you read the Quran, are you a muslim, do not base your belief of muslims on so called muslims such as bin laden or terrorists as they are not true muslims, do not comment on Islam so arrogantly if you do not have the knowledge and understanding to back it up.

  9. The religious tolerance only goes one way??… open prayer rooms for all…If one religion is given permanent prayer rooms all religions have to be given prayer room, school boards!.. be prepared to fulfill demands for prayer rooms from ALL other religions to have their separate prayer rooms too…

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