BCF: TDSB Mosqueteria Cheerleader NAMF Hosts “Jews & Gays & Kaffirs Are Filth” Radical Cleric

Blazing Cat Fur, if the world today was remotely what it pretends to be, would be the recipient of a Pulitzer prize by now. All of Canada would be dozing at the switch to this day about the fact that all of Canada’s laws concerning religion in schools have been dutifully buggered by Muslims and leftists and that, ironically, ‘ultra conservative’ (as defined by the 1960s left) views like, ‘Jews and Gays are filth’ are about to be taught in Toronto publicly funded schools.

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NAMF – the North American Muslim Foundation located in Toronto is hosting an Iftar & Lecture series during Ramadan.  NAMF has been an outspoken proponent of the Toronto District School Board’s “Islam First” mosqueteria policy, going so far as to have one of their “Volunteers” Omar Quyum, a TDSB teacher, write an article in “GTA Muslims”, “To Pray , or Not to Pray;  “Omar Qayum is a volunteer at the North American Muslim Foundation (NAMF ) and a teacher in the Toronto District School Board (TDSB).

“GTA Muslims” is an Islamist rag that has published justifications for the killing of gays, justification for the killing of  Salman Taseer,  terrorist screeds, and even an homage to a holocaust denier.

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  1. Things are getting sicker and sicker around the world, and the left is working hard to see that the west is bankrupt so we will have a harder time defending ourselves.

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