Canada now an authoritarian state stage 1: Information control

Anyone wishing to see any site like this one, or one that may contain facts which contradict the narrative, need to get a VPN today. Make sure you set the server proxy outside Canada. For all I know, the Government of Canada has a workaround for this. But for the moment this should defeat any blockages that the Trudeau Government installs.

There are many VPN companies and they are not equal. NORD VPN is a good one and I believe they do not keep logs of users and servers. I i will add links to VPNs that are reputable once I have the names.

Anyone who thinks the intent of this is not a full protection of a leftist narrative from objective truth only needs look at Trudeau’s M-103 which was an attempt to kill any factual criticism of Islam in accordance with UN resolution 16/18.

Oh Canada! premiered in Ottawa and Toronto this weekend to great audience reviews

Michael Hansen’ creator of the stunning and important film, Killing Europe, premiered the Canadian version of his new film, Oh Canada! about the death of free speech as orchestrated by the government-media complex, as well as self appointed information warriors for money, masquerading as “human rights lawyers” while in fact, working to crush real human rights in favour of enforcing their replacement, cultural Marxism and phoney group rights.

Both the Ottawa and Toronto audience felt that this was a movie that MUST be seen by everyone in Canada while there may still be time to salvage freedom with the vestigial bits of it we still have.

I would like to thank the many volunteers of ACT for Canada, as well as the Zionist Centre of Toronto for their efforts to make this video available for a screening at all in these days of Samizdat V2.0

Also of course, Michael Hansen with whom, efforts are being made to try and make this video easily available to the general public and soon.

Rest assured, one way or another, we will make sure that some method is found, even if its handing it out on scraps of paper like a flip book.

Canada: M-103 Heritage Committee report promises government action against “Islamophobia”

An excerpt from an important article at Jihad Watch by Christine Douglass-Williams

The Canadian government’s Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage has completed its draft report on “anti-Islamophobia” Motion M-103, and is ready to “take action.”

Motion M-103, introduced by Liberal MP Iqra Khalid just over a year ago, recognized

“the need to quell the increasing public climate of hate and fear… condemn Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination and take note of House of Commons’ petition e-411 and the issues raised by it…and request that the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage undertake a study.”

After the passing of M-103 in Parliament, the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage proceeded with its study, conducting nearly a year of hearings from selected groups and members of the public, both for and against the motion.

The cost of this extensive year-long Heritage Committee project was footed by taxpayers. The actual purpose and methodology of the study were vague.

Now that it has emerged that the government is preparing to “take action” on those it deems to be “Islamophobic,” Canadians are left in the dark as to what action will be taken (or range of actions) and by whose standards and definition one is deemed to be “Islamophobic.”

PLEASE CLICK THROUGH to the whole article at Jihad-Watch:

For those wishing to know more about the author, please see the VladTepesBlog interview with her from January 9th this year.

Interview with Jihad Watch writer, Christine Williams on M-103 and Islam in general

Christine Williams is a fascinating interview. I could have gone on another three hours and not covered the same materials or ideas twice. I look forward to the sequel as I have some tough questions ready for her, and she is the one to ask.