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The media is all abuzz, pro-and critical, about the boy king of Canada, Justin Trudeau going bungee jumping…

Gateway Pundit:

Personally I think Le Petit Dauphin should continue collecting thrills while he is still young and irresponsible. Next I hope he directs the next Alex Baldwin movie. Or at least crews on it.



Charm Offensive: Trudeau Deploys New Tactic to Disguise Latest Covid ‘Vaccine’ Threats

Please read the back story at RAIR

Canada’s medical policies and financial priorities

Today has been a crazy busy day. Some of it in technical hell, but hopefully it leads to some important and interesting material for you all. Not the least of which is a Zoom with doctors and pilots who explain the behind-the-scenes in terms of vaxx damage and risks to aviation.

In the meantime, a peek at Canada, its priorities and its leadership:

Kaiser Trudeau’s priorities:

Hopefully more will be posted tonight. There is a lot of explosive news on the Vaxx and other Covid measures. Please watch this space.

Member of European Parliament & former judge @mislavkolakusic on Justin Trudeau’s “dictatorship of the worst kind”

Its better with subtitles and his own original passionate inflections:

Interview with 2 witnesses at the Iconic Cafe of police abuse of protestors

The owners of the Iconic Cafe on Slater Street in Ottawa, had a firsthand look at the day the various armed services of Canada moved from being police, which protect the rights, safety and property of Canadians, to state thugs which do pretty much the opposite. Here are video interviews with the owner of the now-closed cafe as of last night, and another man who was in the Cafe on the day the police drove the democratic State of Canada into the first stage of something quite different. Please click though to RAIR FOUNDATION as they have a solid write up and photos which help fill in some of the gaps.

Gaps like, why was the cafe closed yesterday? Why have the signs on the glass all suddenly been removed?

Iconic Cafe Store front as it was on March 2, 2022 the day of the interviews.

Interview with witness:

Interview with Cafe Owner, Enrique

Israeli Doctors and scientists for truckers, send open letter to Trudeau

All Queensway, 417 ramps into downtown Ottawa are closed. State thugs litter the streets of the area as far as 2 miles from downtown, arrests underway

It appears that Trudeau will have his little power tantrum tonight. At midnight, they are going to start checking ID.

Small sample of how scummy CBC is

A little reminder of what the Ambassador from India had to say about Trudeau’s response to the protest



Trudeau’s dangerous and warped lies against the protestors for freedom

Trudeau now plans to criminalize those who would protest his anti-constitutional lockdown and mandatory experimental mRNA injection measures. And to add insult to injury, he is deliberately imputing the motives of those who drove across Canada for thousands of miles and have slept in their trucks for 2 weeks as “protesting Covid”.

It is difficult to think of a more loathsome and dishonest thing for one to do, who pretends to lead. Failing to address the concerns of the protestors, and a significant fraction of the Canadian population, should already mean he has no mandate to lead. But to reframe the nature of the protests into complete dialectic oblivion, we can now say Trudeau is an enemy of the people.

While we are on the topic of criminal protests though, Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Trudeau’s Minister of the Environment.

True North is offering $6,500.00 for anyone who can identify the false flag NAZI at the Trucker’s Protest

True North link here. They have several photos and videos of the man and are offering so far, $6,500.00 for a positive ID.

We may have a few photos of him as well:

In the next photo, pay extra attention to the flag itself. Notice that it still has all the creases from the package. This was likely opened and mounted that morning, meaning this was no Nazi but someone who wanted to inject that symbol into the protest.

Good hunting!

I would start around Trudeau’s office. My guess is that is where the origin is. That or the Liberal Party of Canada’s dirty tricks group. And have no doubt they have one.

“Safe and effective”

Too good not to post. Listen to Trudeau phlegm up immediately after he says, “Vaccines are safe and effective”.

So effective he has Covid and you can hear it in his voice.

Trudeau dripping with contempt, claims that the protestors do not represent Canada…

A response to Trudeau…