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4 Replies to “Dutch Leader Warns: ‘The New World Order is Upon Us, Greatest Danger of our Life’”

  1. this is basically a spiritual problem. Unless we return to our Christian roots, there will be no solution. The ‘dots’ necessary to flesh out this remarks are too many to post here. If interested, go to Archbishop Vigano’s recent comments for many of them.

  2. Very eloquently put, this guy is very brave telling it like it is, the Netherlands has become a very corrupt country of lately since the rise of PM Rutte and all the people’s innate rights are being ruined and trampled upon.

    They ( dutch gov)are even planning to put theit own citizens out of their homes, seize their properties ( House and furniture) while the citizens are being put on military transport heaven only knows where too, this in favor of housing of fugitives.

    An Old law has been changed/altered which was initially made in cases of war and/or disasters to move/evacuate citizens, this offcourse was to protect the citizens, it certainly was never meant to drive them out of their homes.
    It seems like “you will own nothing and you will be happy ” the marxistic credo of the WEF will be implemented in unexpected ways

    Already for a few years now, refugees get a house after a few monts of stay in the Netherlands, while the dutch citizens have to wait for at least 10 years and in some places even 15 years to get a house . This policy has led to lots of homeless people who do not, as used to, have a drugs/addiction problem… just a housing problem. The homeless group has tripled since Rutte’s anti-social regime change.

    The dutch government does not pay it’s dues to the citizens, thousands are waiting to be paid but while putting them on a very long waiting list, already a lot of money has been send to the Ukraine together along with military equipment…. while just 2 to 4 years ago their own soldiers had no shoe’s and no coats, these politicians ruling the country are globalist fascist pigs

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