Massive and kinetic protests in Amsterdam

Please check periodically the comments on this post for the videos and photos and links to news. Lerge events are underway. Will MSM report any of this? Or are they still trying to find the “Asian” who cut a hijab in Toronto years ago?

“Unauthorized” protest. I posit that any protest that is authorized is enemy propaganda and not a protest at all.

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  1. DAILY MAIL – Dutch anti-lockdown protester is MAULED by police dogs and hit with batons as riot cops battle to break up thousands-strong march in Amsterdam against Holland’s strict Covid measures

    Thousands attended an outlawed protest in Amsterdam today, against the Dutch Covid-curbing measures

    Videos on social media showed demonstrators being attacked by police dogs as people marched in crowds

    All non-essential shops are now closed along with bars, restaurants and venues like museums and cinemas

    It comes on the same day Dutch police said they would strike to protest the increasing demands of their work

    + PICS

    Demonstrators, most of whom didn’t wear masks and ignored social distancing guidelines, defied the local government’s outlawing of the protest

  2. People keep saying “back the blue”, I say fuk the blue. Gestapo worldwide are committing unspeakable crimes against their fellow citizens. These “blue” folks are going to haul us off to “internment” camps, and claim they were just following orders, just like any good nazi.

    • Being pro or anti police is as pointless as being pro or anti war. War is the right choice when the alternative is death or enslavement. Police are great when they protect the rights of the people and are state thugs when they don’t.

      Taking a position on either, as well as other things I can’t remember at the moment, is not only not productive, it helps the enemy.

  3. Damn, that’s a lot of videos. I noticed one has been taken down, a few others are age restricted (due to violence I guess).

    I have one more video, though the footage can probably already be found in others.

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