Riots in The Netherlands

1. Interesting question in the tweet. The kind of rhetorical one you have to ask when the answer contains protected groups.

2. Alex Berenson writes on the Dutch having had just about enough of lockdowns

3. Some videos:

Please see reader’s links comments for many more videos of the increasingly exciting and highly enriched Dutch city of Rotterdam.

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  1. November 20 2021 Several injured, 20 arrested in ‘orgy of violence’ in Rotterdam
    At least seven people have been injured and more than 20 arrested in Rotterdam in what mayor Achmed Aboutaleb called an ‘orgy of violence’. Several of those injured were shot by police who apparently fired directly at people after warning shots failed to break up the crowd, although the circumstances of the shootings are not yet clear. Among the injured are rioters, a journalist who was attacked by the mob and police officers, Aboutaleb told a press conference at city hall. More arrests are likely, the mayor said. The trouble started at around 8pm when a group of around 100 people gathered on the Coolsingel in the city centre in an impromptu protest against the coronavirus restrictions. Cafes and bars have to close their doors at 8pm. But within an hour the crowd had grown in size and the situation had turned nasty. Gangs of men began throwing fireworks and set several police cars on fire. Riot police were drafted in to restore order, and some were brought in from other parts of the country, Aboutaleb said. In total around 400 riot police officers were on duty as well as regular police.
    Part of the city centre was sealed off for a time and train services to and from the city’s main railway station were disrupted. Many of those in the crowd were out to cause trouble, Aboutaleb said. ‘They were challenging the police, putting up barricades, setting mopeds on fire… and that is why the police felt the need to defend themselves on several occasions,’ the mayor said. Riot police also had to intervene to allow the fire brigade to put out the fires. It took until around midnight for order to be restored.

    November 20 2021 Anti-coronavirus demonstration cancelled in wake of Rotterdam riots
    A demonstration against the coronavirus rules which was scheduled to take place in Amsterdam on Saturday afternoon has been cancelled in the wake of the Rotterdam riots. The organisers of the United We Stand march said on Facebook that they have decided to cancel the protest and have urged supporters not to travel to the capital. However, the organisers of a similar protest in Breda say it will still take place. ‘We have been shocked by everything that has happened in Rotterdam and distance ourselves from it,’ organiser Joost Eras told news website ‘But our demonstration is going ahead.’

  2. Minister of Justice, MPs and police outraged at Rotterdam riots
    The Tweede Kamer reacted with anger and horror to the riots in Rotterdam, where police fired shots on Friday evening during a protest against the coronavirus measures. “Criminal rioters have hijacked the demonstration, PvdA MP Barbara Kathmann tweeted. “We can’t take this any longer.
    Friday night’s riots in Rotterdam were “disgusting to watch,” Minister of Justice said in a response on Saturday. He predicted that more arrests would be made in the coming days and weeks. Grapperhaus acknowledged that the coronavirus is causing a great deal of unrest in society and the policies must be heavily debated. “Intimidation and violence do not belong there. Protesting is a great right in our society, but what we saw last night is simply criminal behavior.”
    Chair of the police union ACP denounced the protest on Twitter, stating, “For the colleagues who have to work there, take care of yourselves. Police officers do everything to protect the citizens, journalists and city. They pay a high price for that. Violence has lost nothing in our democracy.”
    CDA MP Hilde Palland said the riots are “totally idiotic and unacceptable.” She said that rioters are letting their anger out “everyone and everything.”
    “This is not a protest but terror. Totally unacceptable,” leader of the PVV Geert Wilders tweeted.
    VVD MP Ingrid Michon called the rioters “a bunch of crazy people.” According to her, they are not demonstrating but “destroying the property of police and hard-woking business owners.”
    “Working the whole night to clean up the mess of others. Protesting and letting people know what you think is always allowed but off of police officers, firefighters and journalists,” SP MP Lilian Marijnissen said.

  3. Police protection for healthcare workers is needed if code black is reached: Gommers
    Member of the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) Diederick Gommers said that if the Netherlands announces code black due to rising coronavirus infections, healthcare workers will require police protection. “If we reach code black, then what we saw in Rotterdam is peanuts,” Gommers said on Op1. The OMT member was referring to heavy riots that broke out in the center of the Maasstad on Friday evening, injuring several people and destroying parts of the city center.
    Gommers expected similar situations to occur more frequently in the Netherlands. “If the situation gets to the point where there is a shortage of hospital beds and we have to make choices then, healthcare workers will require police or military protection,” Gommers said.
    The measures the government introduced last week have shown little effect. Coronavirus infections numbers reached a record average of 18,688 on Friday. “We need to see changes in the coming three to four days. Otherwise, we will have to intervene quickly,” Gommers said. The OMT has specifically been looking at the number of Covid-19 patients in the ICU to determine if the restrictions are effective.
    Health Minister Hugo de Jonge said earlier this week that there is no need for a code black for the time being.
    Gommers said harsher measures, comparable to the Covid-19 vaccination obligation Austria will introduce in February, will be necessary if nothing else works. “That is the last button we can turn.” He wants the Cabinet to take a tougher approach when it comes to their coronavirus policy.
    Gommers said the OMT would hold their scheduled meeting on Wednesday earlier if the medical experts believe it is necessary.

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