Is the forecast great reckoning of paper gold and silver at hand?

The Baron over at Gates of Vienna, sent me these two screen grabs, and the interview referred to in the second one.

This is not my area of expertise. Perhaps JU could offer a comment or answer questions on this post, or anyone else who reads here that has expertise in these matters, if indeed anyone does. In any case, given what has been posted of the head of the Bank of International Settlements and their insistence on enslaving us all with Central Bank Digital Currencies here at this site recently, it feels like this is an important thing to know, if it’s accurate.


So this post contains an idea which has been kicked around on this site occasionally but without a lot of emphasis since it started. The idea being at core, that silver and gold prices are artificially low and kept so by paper sales and shorts. Now on the surface, this both makes sense and doesn’t. But the accelerant for suspicion should have been launched when Gamergate went public. Then we knew for a fact that markets are not organic, but created by wealthy hedge funds. Interestingly the same Reddit users who broke the cabrons who rigged the game stock in question, then went after silver but had a minimal and short term effect. They didn’t have the clout to really make a difference, and they were up against the ability to infinitely create phoney paper silver and gold, as opposed to people short selling a stock they could not longer buy on short, and could no longer afford the call on it.

This news, while dealing with an idea we were all pretty clear on, has a new element. Immediacy.

In the US of A, the first amendment (used to) allows people to say pretty much anything, including, “I hate that guy so much I’m gonna freaking kill him!” But, once you add a time and date into that sentence, it then becomes a crime. Conspiracy to murder. And is no longer protected under 1A.

These screen grabs are making a claim as to exactly when these banks are going to demand delivery of their metals, and that, must, blow up the entire market for precious metals. The cost will be insanely high. Government will have an excuse to do horrible things to our properties and persons. How it all fits with CBDCs and other moving parts, I don’t know or have any pretence to know. As I say, It is not my area. I am already mildly annoyed at having to learn to much about Islam, virology, vaccinology. communism, none of which has anything to do with my chosen field, even if I am honoured to be able to use those understandings for the betterment of this community. But I do know it likely does tie in.

There are several readers of this site who have a tighter grip on this kind of thing than I do. I ask humbly if you would write your thoughts, positive or negative, affirming or denying anything in this post. It’s pretty important stuff. Too important to get it wrong, even though having some small portion of your personal assets in physical silver or gold or both is probably not a bad idea, and has very little downside under any of the scenarios we may imagine taking place in the short and medium term future.

Partial interview with German economist, Ernst Wolff on digital money and the near future

This probably should be seen by anyone who is wondering if and how they can preserve any actual currency or wealth as governments seek to replace regular money, which means freedom in many important ways, with a programmable traceable geofenced form of digital currency which can be expired or taken from you instantly.

Additional information about Ernst and this interview can be read at RAIR Foundation.

Rafi Farber: PM Premiums at all time high, EU calls for Absolute Soviet style controls

As a forward to one of the aspects to this video, we offer a kind of explanation for one remark Rafi makes in this video about silver.

it is generally believed by advocates of precious metals (PM) as either a currency, a basis for currency, or as a way to protect your wealth from inflation and other bad policy moves by government, that the supply of metals such as gold and silver is much lower than is reflected in the price. In other words, if the actual availability of PMs was reflected in the price, the cost would be a multiple of what it is as the public spot price for the metal, and not just some few percent higher.

The explanation for this most often given, is that people buy and sell mostly paper representations of metal to one degree or another, which makes it subject to the same kinds of manipulations via shorts and other derivatives, that we saw with the Hedge Funds and a certain game company, where the price was deliberately tanked in order to make shorts work for the people who made them. Something which should be criminal, but for some reason isn’t depending on who does the crime.

As I understand it, which is abstract at best, metal prices are manipulated in this way but by more and bigger players in order to keep currency strong, or the belief in the currency strong.

The evidence that this is the case, is what is called “the spread”. This means that if you look at the cost of say, silver based on the spot price and compare it to the cost of buying some and having it physically delivered, the difference is at an all time high.

A few years ago, the average spread between the spot and the cost of items you could have delivered  on most products was around $2.50/Oz and maybe a little less in bulk and maybe a little more if it was an odd product you bought such as silver cartridges or a wolf’s head or something. This would be from a dealer like Silver Gold Bull.

As of the time of writing, to buy a few Silver Maple Leaf 1 Oz. rounds/coins the cost is about USD $27.00 per, depending on method of payment while the listed spot price of silver is about USD $18.80 per Oz.

That makes the premium around USD $8.20 per Oz. Which is crazy high. There could be other explanations for this. Demand for silver products, such as bars and rounds or coins could outstrip demand as opposed to the demand for the actual metal, which might be normal or even lower than usual if industrial use of these metals is falling. In that case buying the raw metal could be an indicator.

On Sterling Silver casting grain is around $34.95 USD. Casting grain means it is just rough, uneven beads of silver, made to be melted and reshaped as a liquid into whatever product or jewellery you want. It is also .925% silver, or “Sterling” silver and not quite the .999 or in the case of the Canadian mint, .9999 fine silver you get in the rounds, bars and coins. (Sterling is better for jewellery as its harder and more durable and contains around .075% copper and or other metals)

RioGrande however, has it at USD $23.68 if you buy 3 Oz or more. And that is for .999 fine. This means the REAL spread on the actual metal even for more or less retail is only around USD $5.70/Oz. This is still crazy high compared to the more normal USD $2.50 or so for actual coins, bars and rounds, but is not the whopping spread it is now and is a better reflection of the actual difference in supply and demand of the metal as opposed to demand for familiar silver products which people are clearly buying in vast amounts for very rational reasons.

All this is an explanation for a remark Rafi makes at the start of this video, that we felt deserved a bit of explanation.

Ten minute lesson on the nature of money

I was sent this by a gentleman who has a financial magazine read by some of the top people in finance. This is not my field and am uncomfortable even thinking about it in some ways. But I am reliably informed by a few people now, that there is truth in this world view, and profundity. In fact, this is not the usual video about how things work or what to invest in, so much is its an attempt to explain an entire world view about how money is created and destroyed, what wealth is, and so on. I plan to watch it a few more times and hopefully develop an understanding that gives me some predictive ability.

To the extent that I get it now, it doesn’t necessarily change much. It still appears that we are moving from a more or less credit driven free market system into what might be a more controlled feudal system. I dunno. Hopefully this offers insight. Looking forward to the comments on this.

Special guest post by Johnny U: Precious metals trade, secretly being taken over by the banks

I had a conversation with a Canadian precious metals dealer yesterday. How interesting this was. He’s been in business for at least 40 years. Unsurprisingly, trust is his real medium of exchange both physically, and in spirit.

He revealed a few furtive, fun facts. Fellow dealers in his realm are being served up ultimatums by their Dystopian charter banks. It seems Dear Leader’s monkey business in the banking sector is extending far beyond freezing truckers’ charity donations.

Banks are trying to force pm dealers out of business by stripping them of services. They have been ordered to empty their commercial and personal accounts and cut up their credit cards. This also includes those of their spouses if they deal with the same institution. All government tax-deferring instruments are included, such as those offered for childrens’ higher education and their registered retirement savings plans (401k equivalent). These are ordered to be liquidated immediately.

What does this mean? This dealer sees the big banks moving into the precious metals dealing space in a big way. He thinks they are trying to eliminate the competition in order to achieve a monopoly.

Given recent events not necessary to repeat, we were given a most explicit demonstration of the chartered banks’ role as an extension of the Dystopian federal government. This dealer calls them ruthless, and said he is very worried.  The dealers of whom he spoke included a refinery business founded in 1967. They were also ordered to submit their FINTRAC filings immediately, rather than for the usual mid-summer deadline.

It all begs for many answers to many questions. Will Canadians soon be optioned out and forced to buy and sell precious metals only through government-controlled banks? Will pm ownership be made illegal because it places their holders outside the “system”? How will government close the numerous and emerging gold-backed block-chain currencies? Certainly, one can conclude that trust is not this government’s “medium of exchange”.

Given current world events, including the monetary policy malfeasance displayed by every Western nation, we must consider this development as a precursors to currency controls in the event of an economic or banking crisis. As another friend likened, it’s like ‘sealing the exits at the theater before they set the place on fire’.

Exchange Control


The dollar – and the USA – is toast


Lord Monckton About | Email | ArchiveChristopher Monckton of Brenchley, high priest of climate skepticism, advised Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, wrote leaders for the Yorkshire Post, was editor of the Catholic paper The Universe, managing editor of the Telegraph Sunday Magazine, assistant editor of Today, and consulting editor of the Evening Standard. He invented the million-selling “Eternity Puzzles,” “Sudoku X” and a promising treatment for infections. See the Science & Public Policy Institute.

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Obama has done it. He has brought America down. It only took him just over four years. The Republicans could have stopped him. They didn’t.

How did the nihilistic left succeed in destroying America? Simple. They learned just a little of the capitalism they hate, and they drove your nation into outright bankruptcy.

And here is what the GOP has to say about it: just about nothing.

The once-mighty United States is now the most indebted nation on Earth. In round numbers, here are just some of the vital statistics as the patient dies:

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German euro founder calls for ‘catastrophic’ currency to be broken up


 Oskar Lafontaine, the German finance minister who launched the euro, has called for a break-up of the single currency to let southern Europe recover, warning that the current course is “leading to disaster”.

Oskar Lafontaine, the German finance minister who launched the euro, has called for a break-up of the single currency to let southern Europe recover, warning that the current course is

Mr Lafontaine said on the parliamentary website of Germany’s Left Party that Chancellor Angela Merkel will “awake from her self-righteous slumber” once the countries in trouble unite to force a change in crisis policy at Germany’s expense. Photo: Reuters

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Cyprus may sell some gold reserves to help fund bailout

H/T Richard


Gold bars
At current prices, 400m euros’ worth of gold amounts to about 10.36 tonnes of metal

Cyprus may sell off some of its gold reserves to help finance part of its bailout, according to reports.

An assessment by the European Commission says Cyprus must sell about 400m euros (£341m) worth of gold.

The country has already been forced to wind down one of its largest banks in order to qualify for a 10bn euro lifeline from international lenders.

Even with that bailout, it is predicted that the Cypriot economy will shrink by 8.7% this year.

Cyprus’s total bullion reserves stood at 13.9 tonnes at the end of February, according to data from the World Gold Council.

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Baby milk powder rationing introduced by supermarkets

H/T EDL Buck


Evidence of bulk buying for ‘unofficial export’ to China leads to limits on purchases in UK  storesBaby drinking from bottle

Foreign-produced baby formula is popular in China. Photograph: AlamyRetailers have been asked to ration sales of baby milk powder by the manufacturer of Britain’s two most popular brands after evidence that the products are being bought in bulk for “unofficial export” to China, where demand is high for foreign-made milk.

Danone, which makes Aptamil and Cow & Gate – the market leaders in the UK – has asked supermarkets and chemists to limit purchases to just two 900g tins per purchase. Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Morrisons have already agreed to limit purchases to two units per customer and more retailers are expected to follow suit.

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