Remember the alleged “migrant hunt” in Chemnitz?

This is huge news. I am posting this video for the moment. but check back on this post tonight as there will be a lot more with full explanations of this issue. But be assured. The outage of the truth on Chemnitz is a giant giant scandal exposing Merkel for who and what she really is.


I will post some of the older videos from that time here later. It really is a shocking story. The Chief of German interior intel actually busted this story, and Merkel moved him from his position to some unrelated one where he couldn’t cause trouble for her.

All that this evening in this post.

Here is one of the videos from around the time of the Merkel-ANTIFA lies to slander the rape and murder victims of Chemnitz.

The video below is important to the story. The head of German intel for the country, a post they call something like Protector of the Constitution, had come out and said that the tape blaming the people of Chemnitz was faked and was by ANTIFA. For this bit of truth, Merkel had him fired but as you see, another coalition partner made sure he still had a good job. But not one where he was able to expose Merkel’s deceptions against the German people:

Below, a leftist news report on the protests in Chemnitz

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  1. dear Vlad,

    thanks a lot for your amazing work of enlightenment in the growing darkness.
    today I cancelled my subscription with “SUM OF US.ORG” BECAUSE THEY DARE TO SPREAD LIES ABOUT CHEMNITZ.
    Refugee “hunts”, Hitler salutes, attacks on Jewish restaurants — the demonstrations organised by the German neo-Nazi group Pro Chemnitz made headlines all over the world.

    How do they finance their hate? With donations via PayPal.

    Tell PayPal to cut off the cash flow to these neo-Nazis!

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    the German state of Saxony is home to Pro Chemnitz, a right-wing extremist group responsible for refugee “hunts” and attacks on Jewish-owned restaurants. In the recent local election, the group shockingly got 8 percent of the vote and earned a place on the city council.

    Many members of Pro Chemnitz are known neo-Nazis, and the group is under observation by the German central intelligence agency.

    But PayPal doesn’t seem to care. Pro Chemnitz is raking in donations over the online payment service — even though the platform claims not to support the funding of hate, violence or racism.

    Tell PayPal to cut off cashflow to the neo-Nazis of Pro Chemnitz!

    Last year, horrifying pictures emerged from Chemnitz, when 6,000 people stormed the streets following the violent death of a 35-year-old local. At the front of the mob: neo-Nazis, hooligans and radical right-wingers.

    They capitalized on the victim’s death for their own racist and dehumanising propaganda, while showing Hitler salutes, shouting racist slogans and attacking journalists, refugees and counterprotesters. Who was behind this demonstration? Pro Chemnitz, a so-called “people’s movement” whose only goal is to spread racism and stir up anti-migrant hate.

    Odo, we can’t let the spread of racist propaganda and violence continue. Luckily, there’s something we can do to stop it. Like any other group, neo-Nazis are dependent on donations. Together we can make PayPal apply its own guidelines and cut the flow of cash to Pro Chemnitz.

    After the election results, it’s more important than ever to show our opposition to the extreme right. Together, SumOfUs members like you can make the lives of Nazis harder.

    Tell PayPal to follow its own guidelines: no money for hate, violence and racism!
    Chemnitz: How the East German city became known as a hot bed for extremism, Euro News, 23 May 2019
    Chemnitz Protests Show New Strength of Germany’s Far Right, NY Times, 30 August 2018

    We know PayPal can’t ignore us forever. If we generate enough public pressure, it’ll shut down donations to Pro Chemnitz out of fear for its image.

    Just think about Tommy Robinson, the founder of the English Defence League — a violent, right-wing extremist organisation known for spreading racism and anti-migrant sentiments. Last year, thousands of SumOfUs members like you demanded PayPal close Robinson’s account — and it did! The same thing happened with France’s far-right Generation Identity: after SumOfUs members like you told PayPal to stop supporting donations to this extremist group, it gave in to our pressure and deleted the organisation’s account.

    Will you help cut off the cashflow to German racists as well?

    Tell PayPal to stop helping put money in neo-Nazis’ pockets.

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    Thanks for all that you do,
    Christian and the team at SumOfUs

    • Most excellent catch, PePo. Just hours ago I was (for the umpteenth time) citing Michael Crichton’s superb essay about Consensus Science, “Aliens Cause Global Warming“.

      Just after time point 00:04:00 in this clip, the narrator mutates herd instinct through larval Groupthink, which then metamorphoses into the locusts of modern Consensual Reality. This one plague of bandwagon-style “co-mutuality” (to use a trope from McGoohan’s epic, “Star Trek for spies” show, The Prisoner) ensures we’ll all be, “Living in Harmony”.

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