Tucker Carlson for June 29, 2021 – The great replacement of the American People

This started under Obama. We did many posts on it. Even had a friend of ours drive from Quebec to a town in Vermont to cover a townhall meeting where the mayor was asked to stop flooding the small city with illegals because the city had a crisis of opiate use already and this was more than they could bear. The mayor effectively told them to attempt a reproductive act upon themselves and continued. It was established, but NOT reported, that this was an Obama admin initiaitive which clearly went into high gear now. Why? You cannot destroy a place while its people and culture are intact, and while the people who are there in the vast majority have a stake in a place because they worked hard to build it. QED.

Thank you MarcusZ1967

Biden does bad green screen fake take on answering questions from media

At this point understanding of ‘green screen’ or chromakeying is fairly common. But for those that don’t know what it is, it is where you film a subject walking or acting in front of a solid colour screen, usually green but it doesn’t matter, and then use software to remove green to reveal whatever film is on the track below it. Its how most weather forecasts and a ton of news footage is done, not to mention most hard to believe movie sequences.

This appears to be Joe Biden walking towards reporters, but when you see the microphones move to the wrong side of Biden, this is a tell that it was an improperly or lazily done green screen. We have here, proof that Joe Biden FAKED taking questions from reporters. The president of the United States is now the character, O’BlivionĀ from the James Woods movie, Videodrome. Except without the genius but twice the evil.

From another angle but still green screened

Thank you Gates of Vienna

Story from PJ Media