Afghans stoning a woman to death [Graphic]

No point in hiding it anymore. Trying to be nice about what Islam is and does has done nothing to slow its advance in terms of perverting and subverting Western Civilization to its will.

Maybe if news reels of Nazi concentration camps were shown on allied TV sets the war could have ended earlier sparing the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocents in the camps and on the battlefields at the expense of the dignity of a few people shown, and the sensitivities of those horrified by the reality.

I don’t even know if that was possible at the time, but the point is valid either way. Pretending Islam is not about this, does nothing to assist us in the understanding of its nature.

And as I have written a number of times, the worst aspect of this is likely not what we see but why it was done. The chances are high that what she is accused of would not even be a crime to us, and worse yet, the method used to establish guilt would be tantamount to casting a bone on the fire and having a shaman interpret the cracks.