This is it: The motherlode of stats on vaxx and excess deaths as detailed by German institutions and explained by the AfD

Some weeks ago, Robert Malone tweeted out that this one graph, which was part of the AfD presentation, was all anyone needed to know about the vaxx Gene Therapy program. Below is the entire press conference, which was attended by NOT ONE MEMBER of the official German MSM.

Please read the details over at RAIR

Video one of five

For a thorough understanding of the issue, please watch all five. The money quotes are in parts IV and V. But all of this is worth watching for more than one reason.

Part Two of Five

Part Three of Five

Part Four of Five

Part Five of Five

Two videos of Dr. Robert Malone, both important

First this one which for the moment is available on YouTube. The title is What are they Hiding? _Dr. Robert Malone on the Pfizer documents. I place the title here so when YouTube removes it I can find it in the archives and restore it.

Secondly, this one has to be seen on his Substack. Its a heavy document. It includes information about the CIA and other aspects of the Covid and Vaxx conspiracy against the public which must be known. You can see it here. There is also a complete transcript of that lecture at the site. A small segment of the transcript of the video is below:

“Transcript of the video above: [At the substack. Not the video right above in this post]

mRNA Vaccines: Fact Versus Fiction.

My purpose is not to overwhelm you with all of the various clips, newspaper clippings, scientific journal articles, et cetera, et cetera, but rather to help you to comprehend the technology and why it’s being pushed and how it’s being pushed. I’m going to present this as being focused on comprehension, not politics.

Now that may elicit some, “Oh, you’re just controlled opposition.” That seems to be a favorite theme that’s hitting me and Jordan Peterson and Peter McCullough and a number of others, which is extremely divisive right now and isn’t helping any of us. But just to set the record straight, two months ago in the Global COVID Summit Declaration IV we made unequivocal statements about the need to prosecute, that the need for accountability is there, that the vaccine should be stopped. They’re neither saved nor effective, et cetera. I just want to make it clear that I put out, and my colleagues in Global COVID Summit and the International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists have been very clear about our position regarding these products. I won’t call them vaccines. I think that’s really not an appropriate term given their activity, but that’s not my purpose here. I’m hoping that by, if I can make the slides work, there we go, that by the time we’re through with this, you’ll kind of understand these core things. What are the drivers of COVID crisis response and the multiple truths behind them?

Looking at understanding the RNA technology as a way to start to make sense out of what we’ve all experienced. Paul has just given you another lens that through which you can view what has occurred. There are many others. He, for instance, just barely touched on the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization, the collusion with the UN, et cetera. He hasn’t really talked about the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation initiatives. There is so many different ways that we can understand and begin to process what we’ve experienced over the last two and a half years. I speak about those various ways in different forums. But this one, I’m just going to focus on the RNA tech. It’s enough to handle that in the time we have here.

What was the unmet medical need that was being addressed? I think it’s important for us to understand at least those points of view of the other side that are comprehensible. There are clearly aspects that are nefarious, but I want you to understand at least some of the underlying rationale. Understand genetic vaccine technology, including mRNA. What is really the tech? It has been presented to a lot of people as a black box. It has this acronym that seems very intimidating to many people. I hope that when you leave here, you’ll feel that you have a good grasp of what the technology is, what its fundamentals are so that you can process information and read the papers and make your own decisions about what you think things mean.

I want you to understand the difference between the payload and the platform. We’re talking about the fundamentals of the pharmacology of this product category. I want you to understand how and why it’s being pushed. This is more about me trying to give you insight and understanding about what is going on here as seen through this one lens of the mRNA technology and the falsehoods and truths that are behind it. It is only one of many lenses. I’ve spoken about mass formation. I’ve spoken about the World Economic Forum. I’ve spoken about the administrative state. There’s so many variables going on here that we could talk for eight hours, but I’m just going to focus on the RNA.

Why mRNA vaccines? Why is this being pushed? There is this universal global, and understand what you’ve experienced here in Virginia is mirrored by the people that I was just speaking to at a conference in Padua, Italy about an hour and a half ago. The same things have been experienced in Brazil, all over the Western world. Why has this been pushed? What is the unmet need that’s being addressed? Now, I’m not placing a value on whether they’re right or wrong. I just want you to understand the underlying logic, at least at the surface of this.”


Dr. Robert Malone, Zev Zelenko on Pfizer data dump: Shareholders running for hills

Dr. Robert Malone excerpt from his Joe Rogan appearance, and an example of his claim

We posted this video yesterday, but WOW what a great example of Mass Formation Hypnosis

“Anyone who questions that narrative will be attacked”

One Twitterati claims that Google has subsequent to this video, deleted the definition of Mass Formation Psychosis

This appears to be either the whole interview of Dr. Robert Malone, or a 15 minute segment of it on Joe Rogan. No need to join or sign anything to see it here.

UPDATE: Sorry that’s a 15 minute segment. THIS is the whole 3 hour + interview.

Dr. Robert Malone has a message for parents considering injecting their children with synthetic mRNA Covid injections

Dr. Malone is the inventor of mRNA gene therapy technology

Full Text of Malone Statement

My name is Robert Malone, and I am speaking to you as a parent, grandparent, physician and scientist. I don’t usually read from a prepared speech, but this is so important that I wanted to make sure that I get every single word and scientific fact correct.

I stand by this statement with a career dedicated to vaccine research and development. I’m vaccinated for COVID and I’m generally pro-vaccination. I have devoted my entire career to developing safe and effective ways to prevent and treat infectious diseases.

After this, I will be posting the text of this statement so you can share it with your friends and family.

Before you inject your child – a decision that is irreversible – I wanted to let you know the scientific facts about this genetic vaccine, which is based on the mRNA vaccine technology I created:

There are three issues parents need to understand:

The first is that a viral gene will be injected into your children’s cells. This gene forces your child’s body to make toxic spike proteins. These proteins often cause permanent damage in children’s critical organs, including

  • Their brain and nervous system
  • Their heart and blood vessels, including blood clots
  • Their reproductive system, and
  • This vaccine can trigger fundamental changes to their immune system

The most alarming point about this is that once these damages have occurred, they are irreparable

  • You can’t fix the lesions within their brain
  • You can’t repair heart tissue scarring
  • You can’t repair a genetically reset immune system, and
  • This vaccine can cause reproductive damage that could affect future generations of your family

The second thing you need to know about is the fact that this novel technology has not been adequately tested.

  • We need at least 5 years of testing/research before we can really understand the risks
  • Harms and risks from new medicines often become revealed many years later

Ask yourself if you want your own child to be part of the most radical medical experiment in human history

One final point: the reason they’re giving you to vaccinate your child is a lie.

  • Your children represent no danger to their parents or grandparents
  • It’s actually the opposite. Their immunity, after getting COVID, is critical to save your family if not the world from this disease

In summary: there is no benefit for your children or your family to be vaccinating your children against the small risks of the virus, given the known health risks of the vaccine that as a parent, you and your children may have to live with for the rest of their lives.

The risk/benefit analysis isn’t even close.

As a parent and grandparent, my recommendation to you is to resist and fight to protect your children.

The statement was delivered at a December 12 livestream event hosted by Unity Project and Global Covid Summit. Dr. Robert Malone and other leading physicians discussed their recent Physicians’ Declaration update, why healthy children should not be vaccinated and the associated risks. Read supporting evidence here.

Robert Malone reads, A Physician’s Declaration

Please support Dr. Malone, the creator of mRNA technology used in the injections, by spreading this video.

Youtube appears to already have found this video to be a threat to their nascent hegemony, so here it is from Bitchute:

Darcy added this comment:

Your comment echos my own attitude/opinion; therefore, I have become my own physician, recognizing that allopathic medicine has become nothing more than the management of disease via pharmaceuticals; this model is a cash cow for both physicians and the drug manufacturers — wherein they keep you coming back until you’re dead but never even attempt to address the underlying causes of illness. I’m sure the insurance companies are thrilled, too, as they take their fat profits to the bank.

Obamacare itself has been the vehicle by which this top-down, inhumane, and evil system of patient mis-care has grown to epic proportions.

We used to remark, back in the 70’s, that the nearby VA hospital was poorly run, its staff mediocre at best, and the level of care brazenly underwhelming.

We, at the private hospital, didn’t realize at the time how very blessed we were to have such quality care and high standards on all levels: staff, equipment, environment, and dedication to optimum patient care.

Have any of you read “Cancer Ward,” by Solzhenitsyn? It’s a bleak picture of the nihilistic future this government-run “health-care” system — courtesy of our overlords — is hurtling us toward.

Words are inadequate to convey my gratitude and thankfulness to the participants of “A Physicians Declaration.” Thank you, Dr. Malone, for your lending your voice to this effort;


Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the RNA tech in most of the clot-shots

Here is a thread worth seeing. A doctor has been told he is a target for assassination. I can’t imagine why. Please check the thread and responses.

Dr. Malone is the INVENTOR of mRNA tech and has come out against the use of it for these injections.

Inventor of mRNA Technology: Vaccine Causes Lipid Nanoparticles to Accumulate in ‘High Concentrations’ in Ovaries

On July 9, 2021, Dr. Malone gave a long and strong interview on the weekly Weiner Fuellmich webcast. Please watch right to the end. There is a lot of meat in this.
One of my favorite lines is, “The history of Pfizer is not one of rigor and transparency.” He does elaborate.

This needs to be seen and spread. Remember, he is the inventor of the mRNA tech in these damned injections. And like the inventor of the PCR test, who mysteriously died in 2019 shortly after telling everyone that the test is NOT a diagnostic one, and should never be used that way, Robert Malone also is feeling the heat of the truth teller.