Katie Hopkins’ residence swarmed by police today for posting public domain information about RAPE GANGS

Add this event to the blogger Fahrenheit211’s arrest today and we get an Orwell score for the UK, of about 82%

Katie Hopkins video on the conflict between weaponized sexual identities, made in schools, and muslim parents

And the left Vs. Islam, manifests itself with NSRA teaching in UK schools.

(NSRA = non-sexual reproductive activities)

I think I can state with confidence that the left, is far more yolked with confusing the sexual identities of children than they are with islamic values. Islamic values are relatively stabilizing to a society in its own totalitarian way, which is antithetical to leftist ambitions.

The left seeks to use muslims and islam as its chief weapon against classical civilization. It will be damned if it will see its weapon used in any manner that does not advance its agenda of the total and complete collapse of Western civilization, and that collapse means the end of religion, certainly Christianity, the end of the Jews as a distinct people, and the end of the family by the war of men against women, and men against themselves, and every other possible permutation including but not limited to, the fantastical notion that there is no biological reality.

Katie Hopkins on the response to the militant attack on a NZ Mosque

Christian preacher arrested in UK for preaching Christianity

H/T Shelagh

This tweet is a data point indicating at what stage of Sovietization the UK is at

While we are reading tweets of horror, may as well look at this one:


Katie Hopkins on entitled Jihadi Brides

I kind of think that a few dozen “Death to (insert country of origin here)” and leaving to join terrorists determined to destroy said country of origin, does indeed forfeit the right to return to it and avail yourself of all the benefits of that nation. Much like a serial thrill, or sexual killer forfeits his right to life.

The REAL interview of Katie Hopkins in Finland by YLE

This is the very near future of journalism. The legacy media simply no longer can be trusted to represent events or realty, but only the culturally-Marxist narrative.

No one but NO ONE must ever do an interview without your own people filming it from somewhere that all parties can be seen.

Below, is a video of YLE, a Finnish broadcaster, interviewing Katie Hopkins about her Finnish tour concerning the newly outed Islamic child-sex-slave gangs, but filmed by her own person.

How fun will it be to compare this to the one that gets broadcast on Finnish TV. If it does at all of course.