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2 Replies to “Katie Hopkins speaks with Apostate of Islam in Helsinki”

  1. It is with a heavy heart I have to say I have seen the video from that terrorist of the murder of the people in a mosque in New Zealand. There is no difference what building or what religion, if you do this you are just as evil !! After watching this terrible video, and then seeing this with Katie Hopkins with Yasa Anter. You have given me some relief. There is hope !! We are all humans.

  2. So, this man is clearly well educated, able to think on his own, speaks at least two languages fluently (probably 3). He does not appear to have any social proclivities that Finns might disagree with or even find alien to their “historic” culture. Hence, he has nothing that must be tolerated and is therefor found to be intolerable…
    That is one screwed up situation.
    It seems that those that support continued immigration from alien cultures want to treat them like pets that occasionally pee on the carpets. A housebroken pet just will not do. It does not afford the do gooders the “feels” that they want.
    The Finnish toy smuggler into Aleppo was interesting. I had not heard of him. It reminded me of John McCain being photographed in Syria shoulder to shoulder with a bunch of savage murderers and declaring “these are the good guys.”

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