Katie Hopkins on the lack of options for non-Jewish Europeans in the face of Islamic invasion

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  1. OK, this is pure Alex Jones-style conjecture but here goes: This could be pure absurdity…

    They say the Dutch legitimately bought the Cape region off the Koi People way back in the seventeenth century and there is talk of the South Africans falling back into the south and physically fighting their last stand there in the face of impending genocide. What I was wondering is if there would be very many white people from around the world who might be interested in joining the fight and establishing a country in SA. As far as I know Cape Town has unbelievable weather, fabulous location, and all the baboons you ever needed. I know, for instance, that there are a great many young Canadians from Vancouver who have no hope of ever affording a two-million-dollar home or raising a family around here who might find the adventure worth having. And I wondering how many Munchesterians have given up on the UK and are ready to call it quits… And how many Californians are sick of descending into Venezuelahood and can’t take it anymore. I’ll have to ask Alex Jones…:)

    But no apartheid this time…

    • It was the 15 hundreds when the Dutch established Cape Town, it was the 1700s (more or less) when the Bantu pushed down from the Congo into South Africa.

      Other then that good point.

    • As far as I know Cape Town has unbelievable weather, fabulous location, and all the baboons you ever needed.

      Not to mention the indigenous non-hominoids…

  2. I was speaking to my wife about this, we have no idea at all I certainly don’t belong in Europe any more. But I can’t see any place to go, even the USA seems lost to me…

    • We aren’t lost, and if the people living in the middle of the US have any say we won’t be lost. Don’t forget that the US news media concentrates on the coast and the big liberal cities.

      • When the deep state players have been arrested and this false investigation canned. When corrupt people like Hilary Clinton are being prosecuted for their crimes in a real court of law. When the actual information of the Las Vegas shooting is acted on and exposed then I will say it is not. But we have a Republican government in power and none of these things are happening. You are as lost as we are, you are just a little bit behind us.

        • Trump is moving as fast as he can, only someone with Divine power could full fill your list quickly. it took us over 100 years to get into this mess and it will take time to get us out. Not even the coming civil war is going to clean out all of the Deep State mess quickly.

          1st Rule, politics is the art of the possile.

          2nd Rule, until we can get the vast majority of the people to accept that government isn’t the answer we can’t move fast.

          3rd Rule, changing the collective mind of any nation is a long slow process. Note how Churchill was was on the outer edges of the political specturm until they neeeded him to win WWII. Once the war was over they kicked him out. That was because the majority of the people looked at the government as the aqnswer instead of being part of the problem.

          4th Rule, while you can get depressed and pessimistic at time never give up, the US was created against worse odds then we are now facing. The left doesn’t want people to know history so they can convince people that all is lost and that we might as well surrender.

          We haven’t reached the end of the beginnings of this war and you are ready to surrender! What are you going to do when we start fighting and things look bad?

  3. First the Saturdays, then the Sundays. When Muslims control a capital city, in this case London, the future is not bright for anyone.

    • This is true only if the Capital City is considered the only part of the nation that matters. During the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 the Brits took and briefly held our capital. We just pulled the government out of the Capital and fought on, they realized that there was no one city they could capture that would end the war. You are saying when the capture the capital the war is over, forget that just fight on from outside the capital. If they have to capture every city, town and village in the nation before the war is over they can never win.

      A capital city isn’t the entire nation, don’t give up just because the enemy controls one city.

  4. The people in New Zealand are coming to the US to fight to keep us free, so those who are willing can try to get here and help keep one nation free. Or you can find some way to get weapons and fight for Britain, either way you are facing a fight and a long fight.

  5. Come to the colonies; we would love to have you. After we MAGA, we will MWGA. But avoid the big cities – come to Phoenix, Jacksonville, Fresno, Virginia Beach, Oklahoma City, Nashville, Colorado Springs, San Antonio, Anchorage, or the like.

  6. Islam respects no borders. If whites were to flee, they would have to create an Islam free society with fiercely defended borders. Closest to this is the Visagrad countries.

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