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4 Replies to “So, if its not terror, is it OK then? -Katie Hopkins in Islamized Utrecht”

  1. I have a question, why are Turkish authorities flying around the world getting involved in post terrorist act investigations?

    They flew over to NZ as well, Erdogan seems to have a special interest in the Christchurch shooter.

    Have you noticed this trend?

    • Yes.

      Rabid Grey Wolf drooling over territories he’s claiming for Ottoman Empire Redux. Especially the Balkans (maybe Serbia triggered ~ so to speak ~ this shooter), Jerusalem, and EU countries with lots of dual-nationals.

      Arabs hate him because he’s a Turk, but he’ll never give up his “Sultan of the Arab Spring” fantasies. He’s got more clout in the West than closer to home. Think about how his operatives sucked the U.S. Congress into a classic disinfo op, the Khashoggi Affair. That was a staggering exercise of power.

      Turkey is really the only country that’s fully, openly MB. He figures he represents the Ummah; HE castigates the Dar al Harb; he dares to threaten PTrump with an “Ottoman slap”.

      A megalomaniac with world-class PR firms at his back, he’s having a grand old time throwing his weight around this messy world.

      We will regret our delay in putting this animal down.

      • Yeah, he’s a deluded megalomaniac. Or at least he plays one, I suspect that behind the scenes he’s not much more than a thief (like so many tin horn dictators).

        But Grey Wolf is a misnomer, they’re Atatturk fanboys and thus secularists. They are ambivalent about Erdogan, they like the chauvinism and strong-arm, douchebag tactics, but not the islamism.
        I’d say Erdogan is Milli Gorus (the Turkish branch of MB).

        And Arabs look up to Turks. At least some do, like the Syrians. Not many Arabs left who like Erdogan though, due to his warmongering and MB support.

      • There are a lot of people in the Mid East we are going to regret not taking out when they were in the early stages of their career.

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