This tweet is a data point indicating at what stage of Sovietization the UK is at

While we are reading tweets of horror, may as well look at this one:


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  1. Speakers at the University of Exeter:

    “Relevant Regulation/Legislation:
    Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015
    Education Act (No.2) 1919
    Education Reform Act 1988
    Equality Act 2010
    Terrorism Act 2000/2008
    The Public Order Act 1986
    The Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006”
    – UoE Speakers and Events Policy.

    The future:
    Counter Terrorism and Sharia Act 2025
    Education Act (No.2 and Front Hole) 2019
    Education Reform Act (Pedastry and Pedophilia Preferential Characteristics) 2020
    Equality Act (Children’s Right to Love) 2020
    Terrorism Act (Hate Thoughts) 2021
    The Public Order Act (Enforced Tags) 2021
    The Racial and Religious Hatred Act (Anti-Islam) 2030

    Stupid is as Stupid does.


    video – 12 minutes 36 seconds
    Guy Verhofstadt video:
    John Waters speaking at the #Irexit Freedom to Prosper Conference:
    Vladimir Bukovsky – The European Union – the New Soviet Union?:

  3. The US and the UK are both at grave peril from the radical left, the UK is further down that path then the US but the election of Donald Trump is the only thing that stopped the US from going full communist.

  4. Forcing you to agree to something before you speak reminds me of the terms and conditions you are forced to agree with before you use social media. (which nobody reads).

    The commies are controlling all speech in this time period.

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