Anjem Choudary’s group openly advocates the destruction of British law, and creation of Islamic supremacist state in UK

Paul Weston was arrested for quoting Sir Winston Churchill. Tim Burton was sent to trial for truthfully exposing a muslim who was caught defrauding the British taxpayer to advance Islam, a liar. Jack Buckby was thrown out of school for suggesting that English people had a right to their own culture and heritage. But this takes places openly on the streets of the UK.

It’s like watching a colony of colostomy bags talk and slime the streets of the UK.


Wondering what Choudary is up to in London these days?

A good use of his ‘jihad seekers allowance’ I see.

Story here:

Small group of radical British Islamists protest outside the Central Mosque in North London. Protesters heavily criticised the recent Syrian peace talks in Geneva and Western secularism, demanding full Islamic state in Syria as only solution.

Followers of radical Islamist Anjem Chaudry protesting in London01/13

Small group of radical British Islamists was protesting outside the Central Mosque in North London. Protesters heavily criticised the recent Syrian peace talks in Geneva and Western secularism, demanding full Islamic state in Syria as only solution.



Today’s demo to enforce sharia law in parts of England.

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Anjem C’s gang of pirates have planned a march today to force the islamic code concerning alcohol on others in a certain area of London.

Article and videos on it below. Here is a link to the whole video of which I will post a segment so you don’t have to see all the LOTR style Arabic crap at the start. I have also edited out the justifications for their push for forcing sharia, for reasons good or bad.

Below is the legal notice Choudary’s pirates are handing out to local stores. Be advised abolitionists and/or Christian or other religious fundamentalists: The machinery the muslims are creating to enforce rules you may agree with will be used to remove your rights to your own freedoms and much sooner than you think.


Another video of Choudary’s anti-freedom demo

Here is the EDL article on this issue.

The IBTimes article claims that Choudary’s protest was a flop.

This is because the IBTimes like nearly everyone else utterly misreads what it is Choudary and his fellow travelers are attempting to do. This was not about some large march to democratically show that sharia would replace common law. This was an announcement that muslims are about to begin to use force to make sure that sharia rules are enforced and those who do not obey it or operate in contradiction of it will be physically hurt.

This is about the replacement of democratic law, even in the barbaric and mob-rule sense that the IBTimes are imagining it is here. It is almost like the entire Western world has forgotten how to read. If you look at the notice they handed out, it is perfectly clear what they intend to do and the fact that there were no arrests beggars the imagination. It is pure intimidation and extortion.


Sharia for Belgium attempts the moral high ground by interfering with muslims entering a brothel.

I could write an entire book about the absurdity of this one. But I think I would rather read what people have to say in the comments. Although the koranic phrase, ‘What your right hand can posses’ does spring to mind. Its like the only sex that is forbidden in islam is the sex that women are in control of.

IED threat to Britain as fanatic Anjem Choudary recruits vigilante squads

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The Sun.UK

 Danger is not Improvised Explosive Devices but
hate preacher’s Islamic Emergency Defence mob

Anjem Choudary
Praise … Anjem ChoudaryNational Pictures

Published: 11 hrs ago

HATE preacher Anjem Choudary is backing a Muslim group that stood accused last night of stoking vigilante violence on Britain’s streets.

The fanatical cleric is urging his followers to sign up as recruits to the newly-launched Islamic Emergency Defence — which vows to create a network of “task forces” to redress wrongs and mete out instant justice.

And last night the group was accused of mocking Britain’s war dead — just by its initials.

Anjem Choudary Islamic Emergency Defence tweet

Support … hate preacher Anjem Choudary condones Islamic Emergency Defence group

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Anonymous makes French video targeting Sharia for Belgium

This is interesting. The vigilante hacker group called, ‘Anonymous’ has made a video threatening one of Anjem Choudary’s affiliates, Shariah for Belgium. It will be interesting to see what they actually do, what the various Muslim brotherhood affiliates will to in response and whether youtube will remove all the Anonymous videos as a breach of the terms of service on threatening or intimidating behaviour.

*NOTE: I do not endorse anonymous but had this translated and subtitled it in English because it is an important document. I made the best effort to translate accurately. If there are errors please point them out and if they are serious I will re do. However no attempt was made to distort the message of Anonymous. This was translated and posted here in the spirit of making available any news item that should be known to the public.*

But how do you know you lost one?

In many private musings with people, both personal friends and counter-jihad comrades, I have quipped that I, at least in part, blame WW2 movies for the state of things today.

Islam has waged a war on us in a manner we simply cannot recognize as actually being war. The strategy and tactics blindside us all because unless it is in black and white, has uniformed men shooting at each other we can’t accept it as hostile action intended to dominate and/or destroy us and our systems of governance.

I think it was Sun Tzu in art of war that said something to the effect that ‘when waging war on an enemy it’s best that they do not know they are at war’. or words very much to that effect. Well that is certainly what they did and if you read through the Muslim Brotherhood materials intended for their own use or more easily accessed, Stephen Coughlin’s Time lines brief, you can see that this was intended and even blueprinted much earlier in Q’tub’s ‘Milestones’ book which the MB drew from extensively.

Anyone who reads this site at regular intervals at this point should be aware that there is an overarching strategy at work by the Islamic world, directed mostly by Ikhwan, funded by all of us and largely by Saudi Arabia (even if not by choice) and supported much more than most intellectuals are comfortable with, by Iran. The idea, is to take over by stealth and using political correctness with the occasional use of force as needed and then the right public denials and use of media to attenuate the blowback and re-channel it to their own purposes. But let’s say none of you agree with this crude summation or perhaps just details of it. The question remains:

How do we know we have lost a war?

I would argue it is when people who are advocating the complete destruction of all of our institutions, The changing of our heroes into villains and their villains into heroes. The loss of personhood status in law for all non-muslims in our own countries, the ridicule and misrepresentation of our histories from the streets and even now in our own schools, and flagrant demonstrations of breach of law, or the selective enforcement of it to favour muslims in nearly any circumstances even to the extent that government and media would collude to hide the islamic nature of massive, never-before-seen scale child rape gangs of non-muslim girls, and they can do this with near total immunity from fear either from the general public, or from authorities.

Meanwhile, people who advocate the most banal and formerly tepid views for our nations, that all people should be equal before the law, that Jewish people or gay people should have no fear from government on the streets, (although not necessarily pushing an agenda in schools) the idea that laws decided on by democratic institutions and derived from common law precedents or the local constitution need to live under 24 hour protection in their own lands like Geert Wilders and many Americans, or wear armour in the streets of their ancestral neighborhoods like Tommy Robinson of the EDL, or members of political parties in Germany, France or Scandinavia who simply believe in national sovereignty and the rule of secular law who are routinely knifed, attacked and prosecuted by both muslim groups and even components of the actual government.

I think these could be construed as fairly clear signals that the war no one noticed has, at least partially, been lost already.

Cops swoop on vile hate preacher Choudary’s house…to protect him

And Tommy Robinson gets exactly what state protection?

The Sun:

Choudary with killer Michael Adebolajo in 2007

Links … Choudary with killer Michael Adebolajo in 2007


Published: 8 hrs ago

POLICE yesterday rushed to the home of hate preacher Anjem Choudary — to protect him and his family.

Officers helped them flee their home and go into hiding amid fears they could be attacked by a mob seeking vengeance for the murder of soldier Lee Rigby.

Choudary’s wife and children were driven away under police escort to a secret address, while officers were left to guard the house.

There was no sign of Choudary himself, and a neighbour said he had been seen slipping out early yesterday morning.

cops at Choudary home
Protection … cops at Choudary home yesterday
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No surprise whatsoever.

Choudary refuses to condemn the evil deeds of the terrorist.

From the TT’s comments, Jacob:

Toronto Sun columnist Tarek Fatah posted a picture of the London jihadi attacker alongside preacher Anjem Chaudry captured from the BBC. One of those freak chance encounters that happens sometimes, I presume – Because surely this man can’t be an old chum of such a stand-up citizen as Anjem Chaudry?

BBC video of it here from a 2007 demonstration.

anjem choudary and london murdering terrorist of woolwich

meat clever terrorist uk