Katie Hopkins on entitled Jihadi Brides

I kind of think that a few dozen “Death to (insert country of origin here)” and leaving to join terrorists determined to destroy said country of origin, does indeed forfeit the right to return to it and avail yourself of all the benefits of that nation. Much like a serial thrill, or sexual killer forfeits his right to life.

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  1. Her statement is the only one I have heard that actually makes sense, the “bride” left to play heroin and has discovered she doesn’t like that life. Now she wants a do over to left her find some other way to screw up the planet. Katie is right she gave up her right to return when she went to join the enemy, in more sensible times she would be facing several hundred years in the pen for treason. Providing they didn’t wait until she delivers the kid and then execute her.

  2. The only “Right of Return” that Shamima Begum and her terrorist ilk have is (borrowing from Ecclesiastes) the right to immediately: Return their dust to the earth as it was, and their spirit return unto Satan who gave it.

    PS: I’d have preferred “Antichrist” to “Satan” but that job title has been snapped up by His Rapaciousness, the (Whose Your) Pope Daddy* of Rome.
    (Hat tip: David Long @ I’m So Glad My Suffering Amuses You)

      • Dagnabbit, that was supposed to read:

        “I’d have preferred “Antichrist” to “Satan” but that ride’s been pimped by His Rapaciousness, the (Whose Your) Pope Daddy of Rome.”

        The whole pimped ride imagery is much more in keeping with the Vatican’s semi-tumescent response to new waves of institutional child abuse.

  3. Let her go to Iran and have the Muslim bastard. Fucking Jihadi bitch needs to have her tubes tied or a hysterectomy so she can’t breed more of the brats.. While they are at it do a FMG on her jihadi ass (if she has not had one already). If she sets foot in Britain she should go to the executioner’s block pregnant or not. Fucking traitorous bitch. .

  4. In retrospect, I’m now of the opinion that Britain should let this woman in to Britain. She is 19, and will probably have 5 more kids as her duty to the Demographic Jihad. But either way, it makes no difference. Britain is going to be an Islamic nation with Sharia as the law, in thirty years or less. Ditto Western Europe unless France does something revolutionary. Then will follow the destruction of churches, and systematic persecution and murder of Christians, as that will be the law then.

    So thats it. The epitaph for the greatest civilisation that ever existed, and protected with blood by generations of Europeans against the continuous Jihad in the last 1200 years, will be ” We tolerated our enemies till our last dying breath”.

  5. She should return to the earth. Dig a hole in the desert have her kneel beside it and shot that BITCH in the back of the head and shove her in the hole and cover it up.

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