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18 Replies to “Katie Hopkins challenges the excuses by a Finnish city hall, on newly exposed muslim child sex slave gang”

    • Good business follows the money. This is why insurance companies reveal the true nature of the world. Stolen cars – and the premium goes up on all those particular models.

      All Soys Go To College.

      And so the movie-industry receives pocket-money by reflecting the adolescents’ aspirations. Men who cry like their single moms, while hating her violent boyfriend. The new NIKE: (No Intelligence Knowledge or Experience) “Just Be It.”©

      The huge SJW Generation of Preference in The West, are taking over the accused older Generation of Privilege. They don’t know how things work or are made anymore. Fatherless, welfare-junkies who support Herstory, (because they never heard counter-arguments before).

      Selling to cuck-boys and fuck-girls.

      John Mclane in Die Hard, rescued – for return of her love – the wife who left him. Ant Man rescued – for her love – his little girl living with a different daddy. The next hero? Rescues a Feminst for her approval.

      They are writing for the lost. Those who think they becomes the heroes of their miserable lives through their attachment to Screen-Heroes. Mary Sues and Fairy Boys.

      The same for a Jesus. A Book-Hero. Projecting onto him as their Savior to put off until tomorrow what they should have faced today. To get caught up with The Retold Story (their favorite verson and translation) and imagine themeselves actually in it. Fantasizing that they would do all the same things. To even go and visit a Christian Neverland, a Mecca, to throw stones at the devil. To believe they have done so. Achievement for doing nothing.

      The comforters of the ego, are the filthy rich. Giving to those who will pay to get their peace at any price.

      Virtue Reality.

      A sign of the times.

      • Those who think they become the heroes of their miserable lives through their attachment to Screen-Heroes.

        Too right, PC! Welcome to the world of vicarious living.

        Whether it is young parents putting their children through hell while trying to give them everything they never had; or Jack Sixpack and Jill Chardonnay puffing meaning into their empty lives through celebrity worship of overpaid athletic exhibitionists and conspicuously consuming entertainment superstars, all of this Plasticine fluff and tinsel externalizes what should be one of the most deep and intimate psychological experiences of a lifetime.

        It is all too clear how people have forgotten that they must be their own heroes. A person must do things worthy of one’s own admiration. If people cannot aspire to things greater than themselves, then they should hang it up right now.

        Always settling for “just good enough” or “second best” inexorably marginalizes the human spirit and its guiding role. Such routine compromise gradually demagnetizes the moral compass until one direction seems as good as any other, even the road to perdition.

        Striving for excellence, even if never attained, is (stripped of its originally morbid context) “a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done”. That striving can most lucidly be encapsulated in chess. Unlike almost all other games (ancient go being a noteable exception), chess does not involve any element of chance.

        With the opening move passed back and forth during a regulation tournament, even that slight advantage is neutralized in what is ultimately a contest of wits.

        Excelling in that mock combat needs, nay requires, players to subordinate any momentary pride and seek out those of much greater ability against whom to hone their skills. This involves the irony of repeated loses being a key ingredient of acquiring ability that gains truly meaningful face.

        So it is with the cultivation of our own mind and spirit. What we reach for should stretch our abilities, sometimes to their limits and even risk of loss. Without personal mettle undergoing this intentional stress, it cannot become the tempered and work-hardened instrument of our productive will.

        Egos armed only with today’s array of popular single-use, no-deposit-no-return, disposable points of reference, must content themselves with mass media’s endless procession of virtual quests and dumbed-down challenges. None of which ever even come close to testing our inner reserves.

        This is the rigged game of imaginary success that leaches out of our lives any modern sense of personal achievement. In exchange for the contrived drama, choreographed improvisation, and scripted spontaneity of prime time’s shallow fare, any chance at real greatness, or just hard won self-improvement, is trivialized away in a miasma of nail biting goal-line stands, game winning free throws, star-crossed romances, and soap operas with cliffhanger endings.

        This swindling trade-off of “good enough” (i.e., panem et circenses) for the dangerously gratifying pursuit of brilliance has done more to stifle innovation and suffocate individual motivation than all of the torched libraries in human history.

        It is a “new lamps for old” con job of monumental proportions. One that’s seeing the genie-like spark of human fineness swapped out for the crass utility of some infomercial’s toilet seat nightlight.

        • This distillation is absolutely brilliant.

          “Excelling in that mock combat needs, nay requires, players to subordinate any momentary pride and seek out those of much greater ability against whom to hone their skills.”

          In this Jillette video, two boys are seen to be fighting. What follows, are mommy-rescues by adult males of two young emotional wimps. There is no sense of a fatherly quality in their actions.

          For every father would break up the fight and then make them explain their individual reasons for their own actions. To hold each to account. Held by the scruffs of their necks if need be. Any, ‘he made me do it!’ would be wiped off the floor as Liberal. And only dhimmi-sadists would allow one boy to dominate the other for Allah’s Will.

          This pretense, that men would not intervene, is their first lie to the Fatherless.
          To be told that only cucks will come to their aid. These Jillettes, being the real-men they should be. Anyone but their real dad. These touchy-feely spawns of the female to stand in the place of the father.

          And when looking at girls… The second lie. Fathers do not teach this to their boys about mothers.

          The Fatherless with nothing but their mommies to return to, are then being cuck-blocked. Subs against the doms. Not cool.

          Fathers are not out to save the weaker, or to undermine and cripple those children who are strong and successful so that they are then needed as perpetual rescuers. They are there to nurture self-reliance and independence.

          Fighting is not evil, and can be the very first or very last solution for rational beings.

          These Jillettes who make it verbotten, using passive aggression, to not instruct or legitimize self-defense, are the very ones holding the weapons of mass destruction.

          Flight or fight are the very things they prevent their citizens from doing. Imprisoning defenseless people as Workers. Removing fathers and to then dictate to boys: “be an inferior female: the best a man can be.”

          And so life’s lessons of growing up are never learned. No fathers to wrestle and train their sons. The skills acquired to lose, are the skills required to win – never experienced.

          Imprinting of the fatherless with a new Protector and a Safe Space beneath the strong
          arm of the State.

          “Boys will be boys” twisted to justify the sexual actions of the feminized Socialist and islamic males. When it really means: “they are accountable for their own actions. Let them be!”

  1. Excellent reporting Katie, thank you so much. Are there grooming gangs in every western city with large muslim populations? I think it is not irrational to ask given the examples we now know of.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Are there grooming gangs in every western city with large muslim populations?

      There is a high probability that that grooming gangs exist in all Western Cities with large Islamic population, a fact that the politicians want to ignore.

      • Ottawa had a trial of one already years ago. The media worked triple shifts to scrub the islamic component out of it as much as possible. But I know a fellow that attended the trial and all the defendants were religious muslims.

        I tried just now to find the Ottawa SUN TV news clip on it, which showed the home it took place in, to be in a total muslim area. But the clip has vanished for the moment off of YT, at least in terms of searchable terms, and I cannot even find it on my own site although I know its here multiple times.
        At some point we must hold the globalist media complex responsible for this heinous crime. First, that the public was disarmed. Which made it even possible. Then, that the public was misinformed or under informed so they could not possibly react appropriately. We know the reaction would be appropriate because that is the reason the GM complex knew to mis or under inform us. They knew how people would and should, yet must not react.

        • Hopefully we will live to see them prosecuted for their crimes, I don’t know if they will be called Traitors to their nations, Traitors to civilization or Traitors to humanity.

          • … I don’t know if they will be called Traitors to their nations, Traitors to civilization or Traitors to humanity.

            That’s like asking someone if they want pie or cake. In a word, yes.

  2. Thank you Katie for your hard work (listening to a man who puts his globalist ideology before the safety of the Finnish girls). You are a real heroine.

    Ari is not worth spitting on.

  3. Will someone please pick up this damned mayor and give him a long and thorough shaking? At 7:45 in the clip I had to take a break from him. Now going back for the rest.

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