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5 Replies to “Katie Hopkins on the Wuhan Flu response in NZ: Total lockdown over 4 cases”

  1. New Zealand: PM Ardern delays election by a month amid Auckland COVID outbreak

    New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced on Monday a four-week delay in the country’s general election due to coronavirus concerns amid a spike in cases in Auckland.

    The country’s election was due to be held on September 19, but Ardern told reporters in Wellington that the recent outbreak “has been cause for concern.”

    The election will now be held on October 17, four weeks after the initial date.

    “The approximately nine weeks’ time provides sufficient time for parties to plan around a range of circumstances we could be campaigning under, for the Electoral Commission to prepare and for voters to feel assured of a safe, accessible and credible election,” Ardern said.

    New Zealand had gone 102 days without any COVID-19 case and life had returned to normal for most.

    Earlier this week however, Auckland went back into lockdown. On Monday, nine new cases were confirmed, bringing the total of cases to 58. The origin of the cluster is yet unclear.

    The New Zealand PM said she does not intend to change the election date again.

  2. She is a bitch oh time , telling kids on Easter, it will be no Easter bunny , very calculated cold bitch , nothing else ..

  3. “about the Demonrat-run states in America”
    Not on PTrump’s watch.
    There’s only so far the States can go before the Federal Govt draws the line. Our system of checks and balances is robust, our population even more so.

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