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11 Replies to “Finland now battling muslim child-sex-slave gangs”

  1. Where, oh where, to begin…

    • Bombings

    • Murders

    • Cop Killings

    • Contract Murders

    • Gang Rape

    • Child Rape

    • Elderly Rape

    • Date Rape

    • Homosexual Rape

    • Punishment Rape

    • Bestiality

    • Necrophilia

    • Cannibalism

    • Incest

    • Pedophilia

    • Child Marriage

    • Child Molestation

    • Child Abuse

    • Child Endangerment

    • Child Labor

    • Child Abduction

    • Spousal Abduction

    • Spousal Abuse

    • Verbal Abuse

    • Elderly Abuse

    • Animal Abuse

    • Animal Cruelty

    • Sexual Assault

    • Physical Assault

    • Aggravated Assault

    • Torture

    • Mayhem

    • Genital Mutilation

    • Vehicular Rammings

    • Poisonings

    • Genocide

    • Negligent Homicide

    • Antisemitism

    • Religious Intolerance

    • Criminal Libel

    • Slavery

    • Human Trafficking

    • Indentured Servitude

    • Smuggling

    • Banditry

    • Terrorist Attacks

    • Terrorist Recruiting

    • Terrorist Conspiracy

    • Terrorist Financing

    • Terrorist Support

    • Terrorist Indoctrination

    • No-Go Zones

    • Random Stabbings

    • Slashings

    • Acid Attacks

    • Arson

    • Welfare Fraud

    • Intentional Malpractice

    • Robbery

    • Theft

    • Home Invasion

    • Break-Ins

    • Burglary

    • Auto Theft

    • Carjacking

    • Hijacking

    • Mugging

    • Kidnapping

    • Abduction

    • Pimping

    • Indecent Exposure

    • Public Nuisance

    • Sharia Courts

    • Stalkings

    • Polygamy

    • Misogyny

    • Corruption

    • Bribery

    • Graft

    • Pilfering

    • Shoplifting

    • Fencing

    • Harassment

    • Hate Speech

    • Gun Running

    • Pistol Whipping

    • Brandishing Weapons

    • Illegal Assembly

    • Disease Transmission

    • Tax Evasion

    • Tax Fraud

    • Sham Marriages

    • Cronyism

    • Ethnic Cleansing

    • Rioting

    • Vandalism

    • Identity Theft

    • Public Urination

    • Vagrancy

    • Incorrigible Behavior

    • Sedition

    • Organized Crime

    • Gang Activity

    • Frivolous Lawsuits

    • Fare Cheating

    • Off-Track Betting

    • Double Parking

    • Littering

    Now pick:

    • One of the above

    • Two of the above

    • A few of the above

    • Some of the above

    • Any of the above


    Then hold your nose and invite Muslim colonization “immigration” to your country. Every last thing on the preceding list will come trailing along like a skein of used toilet paper stuck to the heel of Islam’s ideological shoe curly-toed slipper.

    If you don’t mind having filth tracked all across your nice clean infrastructure carpets and polished cultures floors then, by all means, cluster up some local willkommenskultur types suicidal nut buckets and get your darling, once pristine Finland on its one-way poro kelkka ride to hell.

    • Battery-chicken batches vs stud-farm matches.

      Dear Leader vs Dead Leader

      Communist Manifesto vs Koranic Fatwas

      The silent-majority paralysed change in chamelion fluidity.

  2. Love your post, NorseRadish. But surely you’re forgetting that all cultures are equal, none is any better than any other. The qualities found in Finland have nothing to do with the people who made Finland as it is.

    Or ………………?

    • Or ………………?

      I trust you mean “Or”, as used in: “Surrender, Genocide… or What?“, by outstanding Counterjihad writer, El Inglés (Hat tip: GoV).

      NOTE: For the unfamiliar, this seminal essay is required reading as it was one of the first unvarnished situational analyses focused on easily predicted outcomes in an Islamically colonized Europe. And, as with so many visionary exposés, it triggered near-instant universal controversy—irrespective of Baron Boddisey’s noble effort to disambiguate “descriptive, not normative”.

      • “Or” means that all cultures are not equal, some are (most definitely) better than others, and what Finland has become, is due, essentially, to the qualities inherent in the Finnish people, who have made the country what it is. Similarly, what – let’s say – Pakistan has become is due, essentially, to the qualities inherent in the Pakistani people, who have made the country what it is. Why is Helsinki, for example, so unlike Karachi? For the answer, fill in the missing word in a variation on the well-known saying (clue: it has six letters, begins with “p” and ends in “e”): “It’s the ******, stupid.”

        In Scandinavia, Sweden will “go” first. Norway is some way behind, and Finland is some way behind Norway. That’s my take, anyway. Where Denmark fits in, I’m not sure.

        • Where Denmark fits in, I’m not sure.

          Great reply, JC. In many ways, Denmark is Scandihoovia’s wildcard. The Danes have just enough brains to realize how there’s a problem.

          It’s another question entirely as to whether that neuronal endowment is sufficient to save them from their own Multicultural selves, much less Muslim invaders already within the gates.

  3. Just wait for few weeks, this may be Rotherham-scale event. There have been very nasty rumours about this for 20 years. New cases are coming to light atleast from Helsinki-area. In fact, new arrests were made also in my neighbourhood few days ago…

    Make sure everyone of You spread these news all around!

    • There have been very nasty rumours about this for 20 years.

      Given similar circumstances in the UK and elsewhere, it’s a wonder that such widespread dereliction of duty hasn’t driven a spike in European law enforcement suicides. In a sane world, this self-destructive trend would hit hardest among the most senior officer ranks and highest executive levels.

      How anyone can pledge a solemn oath to “serve and protect” yet knowingly turn a blind eye to something so hideous as these grooming gangs—inhibited by accusations of racism or not—is not something any honorable person should be able to live with.

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