Katie Hopkins on the response to the militant attack on a NZ Mosque

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  1. What on earth is going on in our world, who, what is behind every western country being silenced in expressing their concerns? where is all this heading? Who or what is behind this? Why are our governments caving in to this? It is all very, very troubling.

    • The disturbing thing is that I don’t exactly know who’s behind it either. I wonder, but do not know for sure, if it might not be the Chinese. They are, after all, obviously on a campaign to replace the United States and the West as the dominant power in the world and have everything to lose if the Chinese People were to ever start liking the West and demanding their freedoms for themselves. So, the worse we look the safer the dictators are – literally…

      What I do know is that if I were the government of China, along with Iran and North Korea and Russia and Pakistan and God-knows-whereIstan, I would be placing my money with George Soros and praying for the complete downfall of the Western Capitalist Democratic system before my own people start demanding it on their own. Do you really think there aren’t young Chinese and Persians who would like to get the internet without the government censoring the shit out of it the way they do? Do you think they like being treated like children? If I was the enemy I would be funneling money to AOC and The Southern Poverty Law Center and George Soros and Hillary Clinton and Ilan Omar and The Reverend Al Sharpton and Barack Obama and the Reverend Farrakhan and Michael Moore and Bedo all the rest of the traitorous bastards who seem to be so unreasonably influential and want to tear down the borders and ditch all the weapons. I’d buy a few movie studios while I was at it. If I was the enemy I would sow as much strife in the West as I possibly could and then just stand back and say, “I told you so!” when everything falls apart. And when they take over Africa the blacks won’t be tempted to look to the West because the West will be in flames and painted as “white supremacists”. Isn’t that what’s happening?

      I have no proof of any of this but you’ve got to admit it makes sense…

      • I’ve been muttering the same suspicions for a while now. Makes absolute, perfect sense.

        Corporate global media in bed with ChiCom, Inc.

        So Prez Xi, et al., can neutralize the only FACT that’s served as a brake on this runaway train: Prez D.J. Trump. Alone, except for his band of Tea Party Deplorables.

      • You mean like the Soviets did? They did most of what you describe but as far as I know let Western Fellow Travelers take over the studios.

        Don’t forget Soros was probably a Soviet asset who may or may not be working with Putin and China but is definitely working with the Western radical left.

        The only thing wrong with your theory is that right now if the US falls the entire worlds economy will collapse. China and Russia are both in a continual state of semi economic crisis and know that it we (the US and the West) collapse they will also. What they don’t know is will their military stick with them to ensure they maintain power or will it be like the collapse of the Soviet Union?

        • You mean like the Soviets did?

          You beat me to it, Richard. The KGB (i.e., Putin) is still reaping rich rewards for having so thoroughly demoralized the USA.

          By comparison, the CCP is stepping into still-warm shoes. All the heavy lifting was done decades ago.

  2. Katie is right the media types have either decided that we are to surrender to Islam or be called pure evil. There are several wars going on at the moment, Islam at war with the world, and the left at war with everyone who believes in Western Civ. We have to win both wars for freedom to survive

    • Not a pretty story. We’re at the beginning of the battle to save ourselves and it’s not easy. We all knew this was coming but we didn’t think it would be a simultaneous double assault.

  3. Seeing how popular their sorrow could make them …

    A killer meme’s in there just screaming to get out. Go Katie!

  4. Meanwhile, in New Zealand, two young men (possibly four by now) have been arrested for sharing the video of the shooting on their social media.

    So, while New Zealand is forbidding all dissemination of the video and Manifesto, back in Antalya (Turkey) today, Erdogan showed the full video of the shooting on a big outside screen in front of tens of thousands of his radical supporters.

    Facebook has been quite busy today. It removed 1.5 Million online shares of the video.

    • Not one to let a crisis go to waste.
      MB playbook: incite and cry-bully.
      Sure wish the Balkans could raze those mosques he’s built there. He lusts for Balkan zombies, vampire soul-sucker.

  5. “The disturbing thing is that I don’t exactly know who’s behind it either. I wonder, but do not know for sure, if it might not be the Chinese.”

    Oligarchy is Communism, Communism is Oligarchy.

    “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

    First “Four legs good, two legs bad.” to defeat the upwardly mobile oppressors in the Free Market. The very source of life, extinguished. Then, lastly, nationalization declares: “Four legs good, two legs better.”

    The Great Herd Experiment – courtesy of Al Gore rhythms – is to claim the Sky is Falling. Lies seeking the Intimidation of Peace.

    Box (Egg) Boy, Clock Boy, Glock Boy.

    The Socialists who target muslims just so Mother will intervene.

  6. Yes Katie,
    Nice to see your pretty face again
    Enjoyed the 10 days in Israel
    You know exactly what your talking about
    You see through the bullshit
    Your travels enlighten your already perceptive intellect
    It is disgusting and scary as we watch the paradigm shift
    Impotent to throw a wrench into the churning mechanism
    The infiltration, the migration, the agreements made by
    Groups not supported by our democracies, outside
    Our reach, Global crap, UN crap, the media a pon of the
    Muslim brotherhood CAIR and its hundreds of tentacle groups
    In all our countries
    I feel badly for the other 1000 plus victims of Islamic terror
    Worldwide, many victims in our free democracies
    All played down to appease the migration process
    And keep the masses playing along
    Check out the McKenzie institute for a complete 20 pages
    Of these Islamic attacks listed

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