Jacinda Ardern, not being the sharpest tool in the shed, all too anxious to show her totalitarian nature

Notice how she expects the obedient press to restart the entire conference so that they won’t have a single embarrassing question on record for Ardern about Israel and vaxx failure. The only thing missing was beating up the recalcitrant journalist on camera.

New Zealanders come face to face with the big decision

Please see more over at Citizen Free Press. This is the communist dystopia of the communist leader of New Zealand, (a friend of Barack and Michelle Obama’s FYI) in its nascent state.


This is the most important video below:



Brenton Tarrant: Is the Christchurch Mosque Shooter a ‘National Bolshevik’?

The following is an excerpt from an article by New Zealand expert on communism and communist infiltration, Trevor Loudon. It is being scrubbed by ‘social media’ platforms without explanation and with penalties to account holders who post it even without adding any additional materials.

There is nothing like the Streisand effect to make us want to post an article:

From the Epoch Times:

The man accused of brutally killing 50 worshipers in two mosques in my hometown of Christchurch, New Zealand, is almost certainly an ideological “National Bolshevik.” Countless media stories have labeled the killer as “far-right,” which is an inaccurate description at best.

A thorough reading of his 74-page manifesto, “The Great Replacement” (which refers to the replacement of white Europeans by Islamic and other immigrants), confirms that Brenton Tarrant is no “right-winger” in the U.S. sense, i.e., a believer in the individual, constitutionally guaranteed liberties, and free-market economics.

Tarrant’s ideological outlook appears to be consistent with that of the National Bolsheviks, a curious amalgam of communist and Nazi ideologies often associated with influential Russian political analyst and activist Aleksandr Dugin—who is reportedly an influence on Russian President Vladimir Putin himself.

Dugin is a leader of the small but influential National Bolshevik Party, whose adherents are known as the “Natzbols.” He is also a leader of the so-called “Eurasia Movement,” which strives to unite fascist political elements with nationalistic communists to create a European homeland stretching from Siberia to Ireland. Dugin and his fellow ideologues are widely admired by European neo-fascists and neo-Stalinist communists alike.

Dugin’s National Bolshevik/Eurasian philosophy is ultra-nationalistic, anti-Western, anti-free market, Green, and racist. There is something in National Bolshevism for every stripe of totalitarian. Variants of National Bolshevism have been used by Moscow to seduce Western fascists and racial nationalists into the pro-Russia camp.

Tarrant’s manifesto, which he posted online just before he embarked on his murder spree, incorporates the National Bolshevik symbol three times, including on the title page, without explicitly stating its meaning.

Tarrant’s manifesto is, however, littered with clues as to the writer’s core pro-Russia and anti-Western ideology.

[Ed: For the rest, please click through to The Epoch Times.]

Whatever one may say about this essay, the fact that actually reading the original manifesto or watching or having the video of the attack, which contains a great deal of evidence as to motive, is punishable by law in many places now. It is in effect, illegal to have any evidence that may bring you to a conclusion other than the government-media complex narrative one, which is profoundly useful for the leftist-islamic alliance now dismantling Western Civilization.




major assault on (2) New Zealand Mosque(s)

A man recording himself with a GoPro named Brenton Tarrant, shot up a mosque in New Zealand killing many people.

In his car as he drove to the mosque he played this music in his car:

Official news footage of the event:

Archived Facebook of the killer:

Twitter archive

zero hedge : Multiple Fatalities In New Zealand Mosque Shootings; </b>Gunman Posted Plans On Social Media, Livestreamed Attack

Now there are reports of <b>three shooters, with one in custody.</b>

Radio NZ has confirmed two shootings, one at the Masjid Al Noor Mosque next to Hagley Park, and at the Linwood Masjid Mosque in the suburb of Linwood.

The gunman posted photos of his shooting gear on Twitter prior to the shooting.

more :


AP – The Latest: 2nd mosque shooting reported in New Zealand

New Zealand media say a shooting has occurred in a second mosque in the city of Christchurch.

No details were immediately available.

Earlier Friday afternoon, police had urged people to stay indoors as authorities responded to a shooting at the Masjid Al Noor mosque.

A neighbor described mass casualties inside the mosque and said he saw the gunman flee.


Media begins the lies; claims he s a ‘TRUMP SUPPORTER”

What he actually said:


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Truth about Islam by MP puts New Zealand govt. into full spin mode

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MP’s ‘Wogistan’ rant a mistake – Peters

NZ First leader Winston Peters on MP Richard Prosser’s rant.

Richard Prosser

Richard Prosser.


NZ First leader Winston Peters says one of his MPs has not incited hatred by saying Muslims shouldn’t be allowed on planes.

Richard Prosser said young men who were Muslim, “look like a Muslim” or came from a Muslim country should not be permitted to fly on “western” airlines, in an article he wrote for Investigate magazine.

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Thieves are stealing birds and eggs for the dinner table, say shocked witnesses.

Now and again you may hear an ‘ignorant redneck’ in a Western country say something like: “Why do these people come here to get away from the complete dump they turned their own nation into, then proceed immediately to turn our country into the exact kind of dump they ran away from?”

Well I don’t know why other than the Islamic thing. But this isn’t a bad example of how.

This story goes right to the heart of the concepts of the savage Vs. the civilized man. The civilized man works cooperatively with others in order to have public parks and to allow wildlife to thrive instead of selfishly extinguishing life from an area all protect with not just taxes, but more importantly, restraint. It simply wouldn’t occur to us to do this. When we want food, we rely on ancient inventions called, ‘agriculture’ and animal husbandry in order to get it. As opposed to stealing it from a public trust.

H/T Michael Laudahn

New Zealand Herald:

Thieves are stealing birds and eggs for the dinner table, say shocked witnesses.
A spate of brazen thefts - and slaughter - of park dwelling birds from city parks has stunned onlookers. Photo / Greg Bowker

A spate of brazen thefts – and slaughter – of park dwelling birds from city parks has stunned onlookers. Photo / Greg Bowker

Wild birds including ducks, geese and pheasants are being poached from public parks in Auckland and being turned into dinner.

Witnesses told the Herald they have seen birds being caught with nets and hooks, and some even having their necks wrung in front of shocked onlookers at Cornwall Park and Western Springs.

Ram Patel said he was “totally stunned” when he saw two Asian men catching a goose and a duck using a net at Western Springs last Tuesday, and then taking them away in a canvas bag.

“At first I thought they were park rangers or something but realised they were poachers when I saw them driving off in an old Japanese car,” he said.

Mr Patel, 21, a student living in Mt Roskill, said the two men had a bag of eggs with them which he believed were also collected from the park.

“They were really rough with the animals and didn’t care if they lived or died when they were shoved into the bag, which made me think that these people wanted them for food and not pets.”

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Surprise!! Muslims in New Zealand offended by joke demand apology.

From AFP, courtesy TROP

Muslims demand apology for New Zealand minister’s joke

(AFP) – 12 hours ago

WELLINGTON — New Zealand’s Islamic community has written to Prime Minister John Key demanding an apology for a joke one of his ministers made about Muslims, the Dominion Post newspaper reported Saturday.

The president of the Federation of Islamic Associations New Zealand, Anwar Ghani, said Muslims were “very upset” about the remarks made in a speech by Building Minister Maurice Williamson.

“We brought it to the notice of the PM saying that what was said was highly inappropriate and the minister should be reprimanded and apologise,” Ghani told the newspaper.

Williamson cracked a joke about Muslims and the practice of stoning while giving a speech at a building industry awards ceremony last month.

Ghani said he did not think comments centred on religious intolerance were commonplace in New Zealand, but this issue was “a big problem because it was uttered by someone who is regarded as being responsible and a public figure”.

A spokesman for the prime minister confirmed the letter had arrived and was being considered.

*** UPDATE ***

The joke can be found here:


2 Muslim Jokes from New Zealand Minister

1. What is the difference between Muslims and Kiwis? Muslims get to commit adultery and get stoned, Kiwis get stoned and commit adultery!

2. Mr Williamson also quipped about the weather being “Shi’ite in the morning and Sunni in the afternoon,”