Watch government minister range from spin doctoring to outright lies about Muslim migrant behaviour

The fact that the Swedish government deliberately does not keep statistics on who does what crimes is prima facia proof that the intention is to mislead. But watch her squirm in the face of rational questions. Her only shield is that her government has her back with information which we all know they have to have, but do not allow others to know.

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Douglass Murray on British school subversion by muslims

There are many things to watch out for in this clip. One interesting moment is when the woman convert insists on not being called a convert, presumably because muslims pretend all people are born muslim and their parents convert them to something else so they ‘revert’ back to islam. The woman therefore is demanding that all people ignore their own system of thought, and for that matter, reality itself, and submit to her values, at least outwardly or be branded with the new ‘scarlet-letter’ of racism.

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CNN does rather unusually honest story on Sudanese planned execution of Christian for apostasy

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On a related note, please read this unusually well written, even by his standards, piece by Douglass Murray. I may try and commit this one to memory. I expect nearly all of us who read this site regularly may have need to recite it in our own personal circumstances from time to time.

We are trying to live our lives in our nation while running two sets of accounts. On one side of the ledger — as on the BBC page — are the facts that are happening. On the other side is the recounting of punishments for those who have identified the facts.



Douglas Murray with Mohammed Ansar on Radicalisation

I admire and respect Douglas Murray very much. He is eloquent and brave and above all, one of the best establishment voices daring to point at the naked emperor which is islam and its teachings. But I disagree with him on this one point.

He feels that the law is not being applied to muslims like Choudary for example who violate them “very clearly”. I feel this is not a criminal matter but a military one. That we are at war and it has already been shown that this cannot be handled by law enforcement nor in fact should it. We need to recognize this issue for what it is. War. And we are losing at the moment because we are not allowed to fight back. Muslim immigration is in many cases actually an invasion and we not only cannot recognize it as such but those who do are often brought before a judge under criminal charges.

Links and news for April 28 2013

1. More muslims claim backlash as a response to a pretty much constant stream of terror and demands the muslim community makes everywhere it exits. The thing is, in the article they don’t show the graffiti cuase you know, we will likely have a good look and realize it was done by a native Arab speaker and not an Okie from Muskogee. The second one, well, who calls a random muslim a terrorist? Especially a woman. Something doesn’t add up there either. If and when there is ever a backlash, I doubt it will be quite like they claim it is so far.

2. The sickest sickest story I have read all week.

3. The Economist desperately tries to make the Boston bombings a classical geopolitical equation instead of an issue of Islamic manifest destiny

4. 1500 people slaughtered and 400 churches destroyed by ‘Boko-Haram’

5. Al-Qaeda battling for control of Assad’s Chem-weapons. And of course, as Obama is backing them we know they will be responsibly stored and used.

6. Pali-schools, no time for sports. Other than how to kill Jews of course.

7. Douglass Murray on SUN TV: “Islamophobia seems to be any remark that any particular Muslim finds offensive”

8. Boston Bomber also under investigation. Breitbart.

9. Criticism of the pirate Mohamed unacceptable now in Morocco

10. Bomb scare at the Arch de Triumph

“Nuke Up Fast”

Census That Revealed a Troubling Future

Ignored: Gordon Brown’s attitude to Mrs Gillian Duffy represented the political class’s attitude to voter’s reasonable concerns

Imagine yourself back in 2002. The census for England and Wales, compiled the previous year, has just come out, showing the extent to which the country has changed. You decide to extrapolate from the findings and speculate about what the next decade might bring.

“The Muslim population of Britain will double in the next ten years,” you conclude. “White Britons will become a minority in their own capital city by the end of this decade.”

How would those statements by your younger self have been greeted? The terms “alarmist” and “scaremongering” would certainly have been used, as most likely would “racist” and (though the coinage was in its infancy) “Islamophobe”. Safe to say, your extrapolations would not have been greeted warmly. Readers inclined to doubt this might recall that when the then Times journalist Anthony Browne made far less startling comments in 2002, they were denounced by then Home Secretary David Blunkett — using parliamentary privilege — as “bordering on fascism”.

Yet that widely abused younger self of 2002 would be proved utterly right. The 2011 census, published at the end of last year, revealed the following facts and more. It showed that the number of people living in England and Wales who were born overseas rose by nearly three million in the last decade alone. Only 44.9 per cent of London residents are now white British. And nearly three million people in England and Wales live in households where not one adult speaks English as their main language.

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