Douglas Murray with Mohammed Ansar on Radicalisation

I admire and respect Douglas Murray very much. He is eloquent and brave and above all, one of the best establishment voices daring to point at the naked emperor which is islam and its teachings. But I disagree with him on this one point.

He feels that the law is not being applied to muslims like Choudary for example who violate them “very clearly”. I feel this is not a criminal matter but a military one. That we are at war and it has already been shown that this cannot be handled by law enforcement nor in fact should it. We need to recognize this issue for what it is. War. And we are losing at the moment because we are not allowed to fight back. Muslim immigration is in many cases actually an invasion and we not only cannot recognize it as such but those who do are often brought before a judge under criminal charges.

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  1. Lets remind ourselves a bit… We really ought to keep “this kind of” stream in front of “our eyes.” If they were successfully de-escalating, that stream would simply cease to exist. However, since we see the opposite – be prepared to suffer (all the lunacy, the mighty tools of ignorance keep imposing on us):

    Rise of ‘white flight’: British families are ‘self-segregating’ as more Caucasians abandon urban areas for the countryside (dailymail, Jan 27, 2013)

    Special report: Female genital mutilation – unreported, ignored and unpunished (independent, Jan 6, 2013)

    Extremism unchecked in schools, secret briefing reveals (telegraph, Dec 31, 2012)

    “RSF — 2012 ROUNDUP IN NUMBERS – “Turkey, the world’s biggest prison for journalists:”

    Major terror attack on scale of 7/7 foiled every year in UK, police reveal (telegraph, March 21, 2013)

    University College London bans hard-line Islamic group which tried to segregate men and women at a debate held on university premises (dailymail March 14, 2013):

    Labour suspends controversial peer over claims he blamed a Jewish conspiracy for his dangerous driving jail sentence (dailymail, March 14, 2013)

    City University London locks Muslim prayer room on Fridays (BBC, Feb 22, 2013)

    Euro judges rule that terror suspect wanted in America CAN’T be deported from Britain to the U.S. because it would be bad for his mental health (dailymail. Apr 16, 2013)

    Fears of Muslim tensions in high security prison (yorkshirepost, April 11, 2013)

    Cadbury to Muslims: Our candy is sharia-compliant (WT, March 28, 2013)

    British Muslims fighting in Syria could commit terrorist attacks in UK (telegraph, March 26, 2013)

    How rise of ‘white flight’ is creating a segregated UK: Study reveals white Britons are ‘retreating’ from areas dominated by ethnic minorities (dailymail, May 5, 2013)

    Mehrheit der Türken ist für Gewalt gegen Frauen (Die Welt, Apr 19, 2013)

    Schools threat as Wales is ‘target for extremists’ (express, Apr 28, 2013)

    The truth about polygamy: A special investigation into how Muslim men can exploit the benefits system (dailymail, Apr 24, 2013)

    ‘Imams promote grooming rings’, Muslim leader claims (telegraph, May 16, 2013)

    Immigrants? We sent out search parties to get them to come… and made it hard for Britons to get work, says Mandelson (dailymail, May 14, 2013)

    Shock as 84 schools have NO white British pupils at all… double the number of five years ago (dailymail, May 11, 2013)

    ‘The enemy is everywhere’: Former MI5 head calls for people to spy on their neighbours following murder of soldier Lee Rigby (dailymail, May 28, 2013)

    Theresa May cracks down on universities after claims that alleged Woolwich killers were radicalised at Greenwich University’s Islamic Society (dailymail, May 26, 2013)

    Spitting hatred on YouTube: Thousands of terror videos urging British Muslims to maim and kill can be found within seconds online (dailymail May 26, 2013)

  2. In the eyes of the Koranimal Mohammed Ansar, Douglas Murray is a criminal because he opposes Islamic supremacy. Douglas is deluded in that he seems to believe that there is something called ‘extremism’, which is a repugnant distortion of language.

    “To heal rifts within the community” is of course an impossible task because the solution to all problems in the eyes of Muselmaniacs is submission to Islam, everything else is irrelevant drivel.

    You can’t “come together” pretending there is something worth saving about genodical Islam.

    The host is a halfwit.

    Sorry I wasted my time with this BS.

  3. Sheik yer’mami says ‘‘Sorry I wasted my time with this BS.’’

    A little harsh considering the politically correct climate surrounding these debates in Britain where some hosts seem to think taking an impartial stance means giving more time and respect to the Islamic argument while being critical about the opposing one. I’ve seen and heard far worse debates with naïve or self-serving ‘hosts’ allowing those who shout loudest to have the floor – no prizes for guessing who shouts loudest either.

    Douglas Murray is one of the few Islam critics given airtime in Britain, precisely because he plays the PC game and gives credit to moderate or ‘integrated’ Muslims. Whether he or any host actually subscribes to this view is beside the point, unless it is spouted an islam critical speaker wouldn’t be allowed to get vital points across to highlight the real problems and issues with islam.

    Anyone who doesn’t conform to these PC standards would be (and is) smeared and dismissed as a far right extremist and generally ignored. This is the level of debate allowed to be aired here, and tame as it is, even these limited discussions are effective in reaching those who don’t look further than the MSM for their political education
    Not everyone has access to the internet or an interest in looking further than the information handed to them on a plate At least the host allowed Murray to make his points, even though he had to give equal time to the BS response. which people are starting to see through.

  4. Eeyore you are right, this is a war and if we don’t start fighting it as a war we are doomed, we must fight to survive and unless we fight to win we won’t survive.

    I watched the movie “Day of the siege, September 11, 1638” it is one everyone should buy and keep, show to their friends and family and give as presents when appropriate.

  5. Douglas Murray is excellent!
    As I’ve said many times ,free speech in the form of black comedic satire with respect to the mudslimes ,would be very popular!

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