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7 Replies to “Douglas Murray corrects the record on British immigration and history”

  1. The only point I disagree with him on is the one where he thinks there is still time to handle this politically, I don’t think there is enough time before the economic collapse.

  2. Douglas Murray makes a brilliant speech. However, I agree with Richard 20/3 @ 11.38 that I’m not sure there is much time left to change things – I don’t think the political will is there, across Europe. Also, I think Douglas is optimistic when he says that if immigration is not sorted out, extremes (presumably of far left and far right) will start appearing. Well they already have. I’m not thinking of the EDL, which to me doesn’t qualify as far right at all, but really far right goups who are basically nazis, characterised by extreme anti-semitism, currently emerging in Hungary (and they’ver never really gone away in Germany and Greece) And in the UK, we have the unpleasant far left ‘Unite Against Fascism’ movement, and the Socialist Workers Party, both of which have some very unsavoury leaders and which frequently attempt to deny free speech. These extremes are gaining ground and influence. The UK Prime Minister David Cameron is on record as defending the UAF and condemning the EDL. How naive and foolish

  3. The National Socialist German Workers Party should never be described as right wing. Nationalist yes, Socialist yes, depraved yes, totalitarian again yes.

    End the welfare state and most of your immigration problems will evaporate.

  4. Thank you flossie, the extremes are showing and as is always the case the fascists are on the left, for the situation to change peacefully there needs to be political will and unified support in the lame stream media. Neither of which is there, if you look at Cyprus, Greece, Spain and Portugal you see an economic disaster waiting to happen, this disaster is probably going to hit before the political will and media support to correct the immigration problem can develop. Once the economies start collapsing like Greece’s groups like Golden Dawn will emerge as the new political powers. Don’t forget it was the economic collapse of the Wiemar Republic that let the Nazi’s win the seats in Parliament that let them take over.

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