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14 Replies to “Douglas Murray explains how the UK government abused their power on Tommy Robinson:”

  1. “[I]nability” to deal with the primary problem?

    No. The Merkels of the West are committed Marxists and by design are using Islam as a battering ram to decimate the historic European population in order to destroy what remains of Christian Europe; and in their zeal to control people and vastly reduce the world’s population, these haters of Christ cull the earth of unwanted tens of millions by making of them pariah in their own homelands.

    Inability does not factor in: it’s a conscious and determined choice.

    • You got that right, this is what the Marxist were working towards for the entire 20th Century and while I know that both the leftists and the Moslems will be defeated it will be a long and bloody war that will destroy what is left of civilization. We (the thinking people of the world) let the Marxist gain too much power and the price of regaining and maintaining our freedom is the destruction of the civilization we have known for so long.

      Keep your muskets clean, your powder dry and watch your backs.

      • “… the price of regaining and maintaining our freedom is the destruction of the civilization we have known for so long.”

        Richard, while we both know that I’d much prefer to be slightly less confident than you are about this (admittedly dreadful) price tag that’ll be attached to necessarily upending the PoMo Pseudo-Golden-Rule-Re-Gifting-Divine-Right-of-Meek-Not-Inheriting-the-Earth’s-Mineral-Rights-Bu!!shit-Thingies … er, I mean this whole, “Entirely-Non-Conspiracy-Based-Globalist, After-Christmas, Present Exchange” that’s ‘supposedly’ meant to (however) momentarily neutralize or compensate for all the negligent, uncaring, merciless, ill-thought-out, cruel, vindictive, unending, crapadoodle, mountainous piles of excrement that Caucasian people are supposed to eternally take responsibility for and tolerate solely because they’re melanin-deficient.

        OK … I’ll stop now.

        Keep your muskets clean, your powder dry and watch your backs.

  2. “The February Revolution (March 1917) was a revolution focused around Petrograd (now Saint Petersburg), the capital of Russia at that time. In the chaos, members of the Imperial parliament (the Duma) assumed control of the country, forming the Russian Provisional Government which was heavily dominated by the interests of large capitalists and the noble aristocracy”

    This is the UK Government. A vassel power with no idea how to lead the country after decades rubber-stamping European Law and destroying family values with the help of the Pope and those christians could not protest anything.

    “The soviets, …initially permitted the Provisional Government to rule.. The February Revolution took place in the context of heavy military setbacks during the First World War (1914–18), which left much of the Russian Army in a state of mutiny.”

    Which is how the immigrant and Muslim rape-gangs populations are used as invaders to weaken and demoralize the population, impoverishing local services, implementing Sharia Law, and encouraging sexual deviency. Fairness, God and Morality. Three Big Lies, the Unholy Trinity before your very eyes, when they tell you yours does not exist. Born in the flesh.

    The first war is against real fascists, the second war is when the Left attack the winner afterwards.

    This happened in China, where the Japanese invaded in 1937 and sapped the resources of the Chinese Nationalists and then the Communists took over.

    America and Israel are all that stand in the way of these who come from their mothers and go back to their mothers. Rapists, mothers boys and inverts. Her spirit of resentment creates, lives and defines them, their brittle outrage sourced from exactly the same stone.

    • OT/ You remind me of a longtime personal quest. Maybe someone here can help.

      There’s an expression that goes something like, “Go back up your mother’s birth canal.” That’s all I remember, but it sounds like a verse from an ancient epic poem. Rhythm, alliteration.

      I remember hearing it as a kid, being told that it was THE very WORST curse in the WORLD. The couple times I heard it, every adult in the room went pale and silent.

      I’ve been dying to track it down for years. I don’t even know what language.

      I know the background of only one person who said it. A German-speaking Romanian from the Bukovina. Liberated from concentration camp by the Soviets, he was purged in the Doctors’ Plot and spent 5 years in gulag. After release he joined family in Hungary, till they managed to slip away to the USA.

      Thing is, they spoke German, Romanian, and Russian with native facility, learned considerable Hungarian. They spoke to people who understood German, Russian, and some Hungarian.

      Words of power, maybe voodoo. Any clues to source?

      • I remember hearing it as a kid, being told that it was THE very WORST curse in the WORLD. The couple times I heard it, every adult in the room went pale and silent.

        I’ve been dying to track it down for years. I don’t even know what language.

        Sounds like shouting, “Hold kæft!” to my Danish Bedstemore, (something like screaming STFU!!! to your (supposedly) most revered Old-World (or last-surviving) grandparents. Maybe, “Farting through your mouth”, a Catholic Church (per

        Then again, I remain unable to resist mentioning the Immortal Russian Epithet, “One Who Is Scraped Off Of The Sheets With A Spoon”. Let’s face it, insults (Russian or otherwise) just don’t get much better than that.

        Dearest yucki, please, oh please, put all of these tales into a frame of your personal choice. Tatting, embroidery, lacework, cross-stitch, needle-work, Carolingian minuscule … I could give a farking rip.

        Please, you dear specimen of womanhood, help our increasingly amnesiac world to appreciate its furiously vanishing past.

        At present, It’s all I can do to avoid becoming an apparatchik of the Department of Redundancy Department.

        From the beauty and depth of your own imaginations (yeah, you, too, Eeyore and Richard) alla yez gotta know that we’re, “HEADING ‘EM OFF AT THE PAST!”

        (Hat Tip: Firesign Theater)

        • Good collection of quotes.
          Some contradict the others – that’s accurate, that’s the way of war.

          No cookbook recipe to winning. A range of options, on-the-spot inspirations. Whatever you have or can get, whatever it takes.

          One of the quotes:
          All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting. – George Orwell

          I’ve seen this. Everything becomes remarkably focused when the missiles are coming, the alert sounds, kids to shelter. Ready for incoming wounded.

          There’s no time for anything extraneous.

          • Almost no one in the trenches fights for politics, rulers or governments: they fight for the comrades who surround them. The one exception here are ideological or religious fanatics who never give it a rest but once the firing starts they are strangely quiet.

  3. I don’t think the people that do this treason are cowards. I think they are very well paid whores and prefer money over honor. The British do not really have a history of standing for freedom. The Magna Carta was just the barons trying to squeeze the King. The common man has always been a slave to the aristocracy. If they somehow wronged or insulted an upper-class twit, they could be killed with impunity, imprisoned, or ruined. The caste system in Britain is as bad as India’s. With this latest depredation, we see a single British judge putting a disobedient yob in his place. Britain may be shamed enough to reduce his sentence, but it won’t be because he was oppressed by English law. It will be because the (((rulers))) of Britain want this to get out of the public eye.

    • Wow I was right there with you until you tried to blame the Jews for all this. I wont bother to argue with you. Its pretty obvious that Jews wouldn’t want muslims taking over all the nations of the West which inevitably means a place fully inhospitable to Jews. Except lefty ones of course, and then the problem is their leftyness not their Jewishness.

      Like any other kind of lefty, or BLM or feminist or what not.

      Your insight about the caste system is bang on

      But the upper classes in the UK have not ever been Jewish. Read Shakespeare sometime.

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