Post modernism and the modern university

This post is not a quick one.

Probably its worth downloading the second video and listening to it in 45 minute increments or less. Personally, I have been through just over the first hour of the Post Modern video twice and stopped because it generated so much thought and insight and understanding that I needed to absorb it before I could move on.

Initially the plan was to post the second video once it was all digested. But this first video came to my attention and it was such a stellar example of post-modernism, and from a place once revered for its capacity for Greek thought, a veritable temple of reason, now become literally an anti-university. A temple to Focoult and all the other perverters of thought in order to turn reason against itself.

In this first video, A Harvard institute explains that we must ignore scientific and biological science of sex and sexual dimorphism and reproduction, and instead, accept that whatever people want to imagine about themselves must be the truth.

Further that any argument otherwise, is not just wrong, but actually violence.

And we all know what happens when you use violence and you aren’t a Marxist or Post Modernist.

Granted, this edict is from the office of LGBTQETC. But offices like that carry power like the political officer on a Soviet sub these days. Disagree at substantial risk to your career and even your health.

The following video is actually an audio book. Explaining Post Modernism. It is over 6 hours long.

Dr. Jordan Peterson on a couple of occasions has said this book is a mandatory read or something very much like that. In any case, he recommended it highly. As I say, I have been through the first hour twice and its a veritable insight generator for those of us who have been observing groups like ANTIFA and other left wing groups who ally themselves with Muslim groups yet claim to oppose everything Muslims do systemically.

With each minute of narrated text everything becomes a little more in focus.

Looking forward to comments on this post, even if they are not right away.


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3 Replies to “Post modernism and the modern university”

  1. I downloaded the book when you posted it earlier, I have listened to about half of it and am ready to start over again. If is very thought provoking, part of it is new and part is confirming what I have already thought of.

    I recommend that everyone download the book and listen to it many times.

  2. Thanks for posting. I love audiobooks and never leave the house without my loaded-up mp3 player.

    I’ll listen to this after I finish Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future — highly recommended!

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