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4 Replies to “The banning of science when it leaves the PoMo narrative, advances several miles”

    • No!! WE are not yet but trash like Google, Facebook, liberal arts academia and the rest of the lunatic left are. From my observations more and more are waking up and in the UK most posts to such news are decidedly against the lunatic left and its idiocy. However the rigidity in refusals to act WRT islam in Europe may well require a civil war to solve that problem.

  1. Do you suppose that a few years from now the idea of “the truth” being a defense will vanish from our ethos and we will all think it’s perfectly normal for truth to be irrelevant, and only hurt left-wing feelings to count? That is certainly how a lot of people want it to be.

    How foolish these leftists are to want to hand all the power over to the state and simply trust that they don’t abuse it. Don’t they know that in a world where truth has no power, the government can simply make it up as they go along based on how they “feel” about things?
    That Labor Relations Board just went ahead and decided against Damore because they personally didn’t like what he had to say – nothing else. If one woman decides to think it’s sexual harassment then there is no appeal from that, apparently…

    • To be 100% clear, in Canada, it has already been stated that it doesn’t matter if a thing is true or not. They even have a word for what we used to call, evidence for the defence:
      “Hate facts”
      Many European countries have slyly implemented the same concept. England for example. And world-wide, criticism of Islam is being made illegal with facts about their scripture, history and contemporary teachings being swept under the rug or made a crime to mention in the first place, and made irrelevant in one’s defence.

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