On the current acceptability of actual science in our postmodern societal rules

 Academic paper on evolution flushed down the memory hole.

To understand the enormity of the importance of this article, I once again refer to the (probably soon to be illegal) excellent documentary, Dogs Decoded. Pay special attention to how the Soviet Union treated actual science, especially evolutionary biology, that contradicted Marxism’s axioms.

Especially the segment on Silver Fox bred in the barn for domesticity or aggression. This renegade experiment, while illegal in all ways in the Soviet Union has been invaluable ever since for real science in the understanding of certain attributes which we can loosely call, domestication. This article may be experiencing a less blunt force train of events than the Russian experiment on Silver Fox, but for the precise same reason our Russian evolutionary-biologist had to hide his intentions and methods from the government. But the subtle and frankly, pure Postmodernist way in which it was done is in fact far more effective in preventing the work from reaching academic circles.

The only thing it can use for potential exposure is the Streisand effect, which of course is why I link to it here. And the fact that it appears here, will be used as an excuse as to why they believed that this truth must not be known. And the great truth that is so scary?

Men and women are biologically different in general.

Here is an excellent video on this subject of the state of academia today:

Remember this moment from a James Damore discussion?




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25 Replies to “On the current acceptability of actual science in our postmodern societal rules”

  1. Between the POMO movement destroying science in the West and the communists destroying science in other locations the human race is headed into an era of ignorance where things that use to be common knowledge have been flushed down the memory hole with only a few copies of the books and papers remaining in private collections.

    • People may want to read, or watch the movie of Fahrenheit 451 again. The message is not that ‘burning books is bad’ as the heroes of the story all burn books. Its that the destruction of ideas is bad. As you point out.

      We are going to have to make ourselves books like they did if we want any kind of thread to the times of reason if this keeps up.

      • I have long said that everyone needs to build a library of books and movies to ensure that they survive the coming Dark Age. This may include burning them onto CD’s and DVD’s besides keep the physical books. the digital books will be easier to hide from the book burners.

        • Try and buy stamped ones or put them on good USB keys. Burned DVD’s and CD’s dont last 2 years before they degrade. Especially if there is sunlight where they are stored.

          Burned DVD and CD discs are VERY archivally poor.

          • I have some that are older then that but I found out the hard way about what sunlight can do to them.

            Most of the political videos I download are on flash drives.

  2. When satan want your soul, first he is taking your mind.
    And then you give by yourself the soul to him.

    Old saying in my country.

  3. “On August 16, a representative of the Women In Mathematics (WIM) chapter in his department at Penn State contacted him to warn that the paper might be damaging to the aspirations of impressionable young women. “As a matter of principle,” she wrote, “I support people discussing controversial matters openly … At the same time, I think it’s good to be aware of the effects.” While she was obviously able to debate the merits of our paper, she worried that other, presumably less sophisticated, readers “will just see someone wielding the authority of mathematics to support a very controversial, and potentially sexist, set of ideas…””

    ‘Vaginas in math.” I looked for the equally sexist “dicks in math” as the opposite side of this Universal Language equation, and did not exist.

    How dare she infer female mathematicians could not work out distribution.

    And… we’re back to blue and pink razors.

  4. https://physics.nyu.edu/sokal/Chronicle_Jan_1_17.pdf When the left-wing cultural-studies journal Social Text released a specialissue on “The Science Wars” in
    April 1996, the last article stood out only because of its source: “Transgressing the
    Boundaries: Toward a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity” was written by the sole scientist in the bunch, a New York University physicist named Alan Sokal.
    Liberally citing work by feminist epistemologists, philosophers of science, and critical theorists — including two of Social Text’s editors, the NYU American-studies scholar Andrew Ross and Stanley Aronowitz, a sociologist at CUNY Graduate Center
    — Sokal endorsed the notion that scientists had no special claim to scientific knowledge. Just as postmodern theory revealed that so-called facts about the physical world were mere social or political constructs, he wrote, quantum gravity undermined the concept of existence itself, making way for a “liberatory science” and “emancipatory mathematics.”
    A couple of weeks later, in the magazine Lingua Franca, Sokal revealed that he didn’t
    believe a word of what he’d written. It was all a big joke,
    Today, a search for the term “Sokal hoax” on JSTOR turns up scores of references in articles from fields as different as law,literary studies, education, mathematics, and economics. Sokal made something of a second career of his critique, writing two subsequent books on the topic.
    Writing the parody took maybe two or three months. Before I submitted it I did show it to a few friends — I tested them blind to see how long it would take them to figure out that it was a parody. The scientists would figure out quickly that either it was a parody or I had gone off my rocker. But I mostly tried it on nonscientist friends, in part to see whether there were any obvious giveaways. I wanted it to not be so obvious.
    BARBARA EPSTEIN, professor emerita, history of consciousness department at the University of California at Santa Cruz: A friend of mine at UC-Davis said that she wanted to tell me about something if I would promise absolute secrecy. She said there is a physicist at NYU who has written an article that purports to be by a scientist who has converted to poststructuralism, and actually, it’s a hoax. She said he wants to find a humanist who knows something about poststructuralism, can’t stand it, is a leftist and feminist, to work with. He wanted to write a piece outing himself, and explaining why he had done it. I said, “Absolutely. Sign me up.”

    • (continued)
      Anyone who believes that the laws of physics are mere social conventions is invited to try transgressing those conventions from the window of my apartment (I live on the twenty-first floor.)
      – Alan Sokal, in the Lingua Franca revelation of his hoax

      STAR [at Lingua Franca]: When you’re an editor, you do treasure some degree of trust with your writers, and what Sokal did, arguably, raised issues about that. Those are all things that I had complicated feelings about, and yet, ultimately, I felt he gave a very clear, if debatable, justification for what he did. And, you know, we’re putting that out there, and the importance of raising these issues, even by unusual methods, seemed significant to me.

      GLENN [friend of Rick Perlstein, who was then an editor at Lingua Franca]: [Sokal] told me, pretty nervously, that he had hoped that the hoax would not be revealed for a year. His hope was to see that his essay would be cited or discussed at conferences.
      SOKAL: Would people praise it? Would people criticize it? Would people totally
      ignore it? Would somebody figure out that it was a parody?
      GLENN: I didn’t tell him much about how I had gotten wind of it, but I said enough to persuade him that it was really unlikely to stay secret for long.
      SOKAL: The jig was up.


    • Excerpts from (c) An oral history by Jennifer Ruark January 01, 2017 Bait and Switch: How the physicist Alan Sokal hoodwinked a group of humanists and
      why, 20 years later, it still matters.

  5. Dogs decoded:

    The video appeared to have two women who couldn’t domesticate wolf cubs and concluded something profound like ‘wolves are not dogs – they have different genes’

    Blue and pink razors yet again.

    German Shepherds are not Poodles. Their genes are different. You treat them differently.

    Any dog whisper knows that first, you have to be the head of the pack. To understand their instincts. Wolves were domesticated – because we have their dogs; so maybe men were just more toxic back then? Or more insightful, that two bitches would have a hard time dominating them.

    Is this why governments are raising boys as cucks and LGBTQ+? Because men would mansplain the facts. Statistical evidence a Hate Crime. Submitting positive-figures to meet the Narrative.

    And yet, the voting-immigrants being flooded into Europe do not know this gender-reversal game; and prefer to go to Islamic schools where they are not exposed to Gay Porn as Sex Education.

    Following the pink logic, however, Multiculturism would mean that the rewards and punishments of that culture are strictly adhered to. So if a Hindu steals there is imprisonment and if a muslim steals they have opposite hand and foot removed…
    and they both still go on to celebrate their Holy Holidays!

    “In Britain, Yuen could have expected to receive a 12-month sentence at most.

    He was a first-time offender and the quantity of drugs seized was relatively small. He was also using drugs himself and might have escaped jail altogether in this country if he had been prosecuted for the lesser offence of possession rather than supply, as is increasingly happening.

    But ‘soft justice’ Britain is in the grip of a violent, and often drug related, crimewave which is claiming young lives on an almost daily basis, whereas Singapore, with its unflinching, uncompromising approach to law enforcement, is one of the safest places in the world.

    The treatment meted out to individuals like Ye Ming Yuen, barbaric by western standards, is why many Singaporeans feel they can stroll the streets and ride the subway in comfort and safety at midnight.”

    Yuen just needs to go back and drop a bar of soap in a British jail. Be out in no time. A Jillette Man©.

    Dogs decoded.

    • So why is it when two Liberal Females try to raise wolves, they get toxic masculinity?

      Well, when everything they decided to be worked is off their subliminal vagina-plates, then it is only ferral-dick that they can produce. Their imprint is passed to the male whose only sense of life is to lick off that plate. Nothing of a spiritual-conscious is ever imparted because there was none to give.

      Wolves know this, (even 3,000 generation designer-handbag mutts do), as all breeds desiring to mount a muslim do. There is no soul. Only weak before the strong and strong before the weak.

      A child or a 90 year old has the equal power over them if they are not covered. Islamic peek-a-boo. Not seen, walking to madrassa, and then all the lights go off and the “she made me do it” slave instantly appears once again.

      And that’s pretty addictive, even for a precocious little girl before Muhammad. There is an elevated pride in dancing in resentment before pigs.

      It is the same way that females find perpetual peace for perpetual war zones exhillerating and life-affirming. They are deliberately chosen and selected to be used against the real-men who want to finally stop it. And when they inevitably get raped – they claim it was their own privileges’ fault and carry on. Bring out the Pink Razors: these were made for thee.

      The Americans once told the Japanese their Emperor was not a God. It changed the majority of the hypnotized and so the world, forever. Today, that would be a Hate Crime.

      Muhammad’s persecution of women, to rape and treat like chattel-whores. A fight he started, and no Feminist finishes but fans the flames.
      Marx destroyed the family to posess willing-whores drunk and rubbing up soldiers for sex. A fight he started, and no Feminist finishes but fans the flames.

      Perpetual Rescuers are always needed. The Holy Giver places the rice crackers into the mouths of the perpetual sufferers. Mother Theresas raising money for their church. An oasis found in Hell. Islamic countries and Communist countries having the most neglected and abandoned children turned into wolves.

      “She said that women had special perspectives on programs like Children in Armed Conflict and conflict prevention. “These are things we always fight for, they are in our DNA, [we] stand on, invest in every subject on the Security Council agenda. Is this according to international humanitarian law, are we using the right definitions…are women mentioned in the resolutions, is the language right, what does this mean, do they really have a role?”

      Women with special DNA , neglicting their own offspring while instructing others how to raise theirs. The Mother Merkels. Receivers they feed, while charging to you.

      Dog watching.

      • And what about hyenas? Surely, these two women could raise them?

        More closely related to cats, the “social system of the spotted hyena is openly competitive rather than cooperative, with access to kills, mating opportunities and the time of dispersal for males depending on the ability to dominate other clan-members. Females provide only for their own cubs rather than assist each other, and males display no paternal care. Spotted hyena society is matriarchal; females are larger than males, and dominate them.”

        Need to be lesbians. Show them who’s mam. Back-biting and bitchchin’ but that’s the culture. Let the male lick your toe, indulge in hetero sub-dom sex – just to procreat with the little guy.

        Beasts. Can Communists create The Model Feman after breeding from one couple, affection-hungry or rageful pups? Socialist or muslims?

        Of course they can.

        But first they must destroy countries by getting them to sell their freedoms for peace. By dealing with the female form incorrectly.
        The Jews deal with the form of G_d. Taking the spiritless faiths and holding them as emotionally blessed for simply believing. And not knowing.

        The Housing Projects therefore are one such revolutionary path. A big lazy women with pigmys: “you can’t say nothin’ about my momma…” and a gun pointed to their head. Full sexual maturity within their early teens. That the menses-gang’s patrol.

        (Does The Human Animal book deal with this? I just up to Darwin’s marriage deliberations of “should I, shouldn’t I”).

        • Females provide only for their own cubs rather than assist each other, and males display no paternal care.

          Are you describing hyenas or American ghettoes?

        • Hyenas and cats. I hate cats.

          The dominant socialist fem is a hyena bitch – at best. Children are most abused in communist and tardish societies.

          Disturbing chain of thought…

    • also, Sokal knew that he would have to cite the journal’s founder quite a bit in order to get published. Sokal was not just mocking the field of study, but the way in which papers were getting published without outside review.

    • Another difference is calling the Portland project a “study” when clearly Sokal called his a joke. If that is the case, then the IRB is relevant.

  6. To understand the enormity of the importance of this article, I once again refer to the (probably soon to be illegal) excellent documentary, Dogs Decoded. Pay special attention to how the Soviet Union treated actual science, especially evolutionary biology, that contradicted Marxism’s axioms.

    If you mean “treated” in the sense of using neon sign transformers to casually administer regular electroshock therapy, then I wholeheartedly agree.

    Far more importantly, thank you, Eeyore, for linking once again to Dogs Decoded. Put plainly, THE PROGRAM IS MANDATORY VIEWING FOR ANY PET OWNER OR SOMEONE ABOUT TO GET ONE. Just as it is also a required reference about Postmodernism.

    I’ve had these splendid critters for a lot of my life and the bonding that happens puts most cat ownership at the level of kissing your own sister. Fortunately, I’ve met a few felines that put many dogs to shame in terms of training and personality.

    While the clip didn’t teach me too much that was new, the program positively cemented all of my preexisting notions about canines. I will say with the German Border Collie with the +300 word vocabulary and associative visual cognition was pretty amazing but, then again, I could talk to my first dog using complete sentences.

    Especially the segment on Silver Fox bred in the barn for domesticity or aggression.

    Agreed. I tracked this project for a brief while before the USSR’s collapse took it out of regular circulation. It must be said that their work is pretty conclusive and the experiments appear really well managed. It’s definitely possible to channel genetic variability (whose existence is beyond doubt).

    Again, thank you, Eeyore. You could post the full length video every month without any risk of protest on my part.

    In memoriam for all my pets:

    I have sometimes thought of the final cause of dogs having such short lives and I am quite satisfied it is in compassion to the human race; for if we suffer so much in losing a dog after an acquaintance of ten or twelve years, what would it be if they were to live double that time?”

    ? Sir Walter Scott

    • My last dog was 21 when he died, I didn’t want to have another pet and grieve like I did but a little black kitten climbed up my legs on day and told me that I belonged to her. That was 19 years ago and when she passes I will grieve for her as much as I did for my dog. Cats are as loving as dogs but show it differently.

      • Cats are as loving as dogs but show it differently.

        Believe me, I believe you. My wolf-dog’s best friend was a backyard feral cat that I’d adopted before him. We both missed the little codger something fierce after he left and I miss both of them right now. Excuse me while I refocus my monitor.

      • I shouldn’t hate cats as a species. There are certainly individual cats who are fine friends.

        I just don’t want them around me, that’s all.

  7. The difference between 1996 and 2018 amazes me. Sokal ends up collaborating with the faculty spoofed. Of course, 20 years can create a rosier memory.

  8. Re. the cretin at Portland State who damaged the sound system: was she prosecuted in a court of law for damaging the sound system? If not, why not? If so, and if found guilty, what was her sentence?

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