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5 Replies to “Corbett Report: The WHO Global Pandemic treaty to take away all nation state autonomy and give it to unelected communists”

  1. May 11, 2022 We The People Say “No” To The International Treaty
    SteelTruth Media – May 11, 2022
    Guest: Todd Callender @35:50

    “The W.H.O.’s ‘Pandemic Treaty’ will end Freedom as we know it and hand the ‘keys to its largest private funder, Mr Bill Gates” by Tessa Lena – May 8, 2022

  2. Yup
    More continuation of the globalists running the world

    Too bad we didn’t pay more attention when it all started
    With G3, G7 now G20, and WEF etc
    Then EU
    All meeting leaders with corporate leadersWTF
    Then coming back to implement policies decided OUTSIDE
    Of democracies, but which stood

    The impotence of democracy is the credo for the last 4 decades

    Sick comic tragedy

    Gawd I hope Trump wins in 24
    Musk and Trump the hope for the future

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