Trump Card: A new film by Dinesh D’Souza

I have only watched the first few minutes. But confident enough to post it now as his movie, “Hillary’s America” was so phenomenally good, that I am confident this will meet standard, and be worth all of our time to watch it.

Here is the description from the originating Bitchute page:

In his most important film yet, Dinesh D’Souza presents an EXPLOSIVE exposé of the socialism, corruption and gangsterisation that now define the Democratic Party. Whether it is the creeping socialism of Joe Biden or the overt socialism of Bernie Sanders, the film reveals what is unique about modern socialism, who is behind it, why it’s evil….and how President Trump can and must stop it.

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One Reply to “Trump Card: A new film by Dinesh D’Souza”

  1. Oh my thank you so very much for making this available
    It was a great film and summary of the social political situation

    I love dinesh almost as much as Trump and Elon

    Looking forward to seeing the dines film on may 7
    I paid 22 to watch the screening on internet
    It will summarize all the facts on the fraudulent election and some new
    Investigations done by one of the few reporters left in the USA

    Thanks again great film

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