Massive street brawl in Oslo between Neo Nazis and far leftists.

wait, didn’t this happen before in Europe? Nazis and communists warring in the streets? Makes one question Darwin. I thought these were all extinct.

I vaguely recall a U.S General discussing the Iran-Iraq war saying something to the effect:

“This is one of those conflicts we hope both sides lose”

Tundra Tabloids offers this symbol for the video. The ‘Yin-Yin’

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4 Replies to “Massive street brawl in Oslo between Neo Nazis and far leftists.”

  1. I have a feeling this was a set up, after all, the camera is so perfectly positioned to get the best view of the “riot”. Is the Dagbladet now paying leftist agents provocateurs to stir things up and get some news into the bargain? Just askin’!

  2. It could have been a leftist camera set up so they could make a recruiting video, and at the same time try and intimidate neo nazi followers.

    There are a lot of parallels between now and prior to WWII, so many it is scary.

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