Five arrested over far-right attack in Liverpool city centre

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Four men and a teenager have been arrested after people attending a Liverpool anti-fascism event were attacked.

Four men, aged 21, 24, 30 and 52 were detained after the North West Counter Terrorism Unit raided homes in Liverpool, Southport and Blackburn.

A 17-year-old boy is also being held.

Police said three members of an anti-fascist group were kicked and punched on 6 July by about 10 men from an extreme far-right group on Bold Street.

All five, arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit violent disorder, are being questioned following the morning raids, supported by Merseyside and Lancashire officers.

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6 Replies to “Five arrested over far-right attack in Liverpool city centre”

  1. Interesting that the BBC calls them “anti fascist” when their only behavior indicating political afiliation is that they engage in violence on behalf of radical right wing religious fundamentalists.

    The BBC said “The police said three members of an anti-fascist group were kicked…”

    BUT NOTICE THAT THAT ISN’T A DIRECT QUOTE – A POLICE OFFICER ISN’T SAYING IT. The police officer could have said anything. UAF, Sharia4UK, The Flat Earth Society.

    We have no idea if the police said “antifascist” or “UAF” or “lefty pillow-biters helping a pack of bloodthirsty terrorists”. The way it is written, the police could have said anything. But the police tend to be more specific than just “anti fascist” and don’t use that kind of language.

    It was the BBC that decided whoever the police was talking about was “anti fascist”. Or rather it was the BBC who decided the public should be made to think of them as “anti fasicst”.

    And it’s the exact same thing with “about 10 men from an extreme far-right group”. The police know who is at an event while the event is going on and can differentiate between different groups on the same side of a picket. They know the difference between EDL and actual right wing groups like the National Front. They know the difference between lefy mush heads and violent muslims, etc.

    They do not say “extreme far right” They would say “National Front” or “EDL” if it was the EDL.

    It looks like the police told the BBC it was the National Front but the reporter didn’t like that because it didn’t put the EDL in a bad light so he wrote “extreme far right’ instead of what the police spokesperson told him – so that the EDL would be conflated with what unwanted elements did at their demo.

    It could be that the police used that intentionally veague labeling and the BBC went along with it. But it’s more likely that the BBC made the lables more veague so they could manipulate opinion.

  2. “The fascists of the future will be called anti-fascists” Churchill

    These turds are almost as intolerable as the Muslims. I know we cannot advocate violence on this site, but lets just say, IF something were to happen to all the UAF thugs, and I mean IF… I wouldn’t lose sleep. These are the cultural marxist shock troopers. Their Swedish sister-organization is even more radical, torching cars and targeting people’s children.They are traitors.

  3. When Fascism comes to America, it will (be in the name of/come under the guise of/be called) anti-Fascism!”
    – Huey Long (communist that had a good chance to win the presidency after FDR but was assassinated motive was revenge killing)

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