Killing Canada (Was Oh Canada!) now available free on Youtube

Michael Hansen, the maker of the important documentary, Killing Europe, released his second project just this past weekend in Ottawa and Toronto called, Oh Canada!, now renamed to Killing Canada.

The film in its simplest terms, was about how various lawyers who champion the phoney human right not to be offended, at the expense of the genuine human right to freedom of speech, and certain government officials broke rules and used deception to cancel the showing of Killing Europe, as well as even cancelling his planned talk at the Ottawa Public Library on why and how they cancelled the film some months earlier.

Both Ottawa and Toronto audiences felt this needed to be seen by everyone, and most certainly in Canada.

And so Michael has now made it available on Youtube for free and for all.

Please send the link to all you can if you feel as strongly as we do, that this movie exposes some of the truly pernicious machinery within Canada for the purposes of shutting down all discussion on certain transformational subjects. As a nation, Canada does not have a lot of chances left. One more term of Trudeau and its anyone’s guess what sort of culture and legal system Canada will have by the end. I suspect only the Swedes know for sure.

For all who appreciate Hansen’s work, please consider contributing to it here. I speak for many of us when I say that we would like him to continue making films like this one, and Killing Europe. So if you feel it was worth your time, please consider donating to Michael, at least the cost of a movie ticket or two weeks subscription to the nearly fully Postmodern, Netflix.

For those who have not seen Killing Europe, and wish a greater contextual understanding of the documentary above, Killing Europe can be seen below in full.

Anyone who wishes to arrange a showing of either or both of these films at a local theatre, community centre or library or classroom, may download these videos from Youtube (please make sure you get at least 1080p version) and show them.

If you would like to arrange to have Michael speak to your audience after the showing, you may arrange this with him at the website,


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6 Replies to “Killing Canada (Was Oh Canada!) now available free on Youtube”

  1. This is an excellent film and no doubt could be much longer if Michael had more money to make it. He has only scratched the surface of the growing state-sponsored injustices under the Trudeau regime. Trudeau, like a child with a loaded AK-47 in its hands, is monumentally dangerous, with all the power of government institutions at his disposal. How far into real fascism with his puppetmasters take him? Besides Ezra and a few others, I’m surprised there aren’t more Jewish people seeing and speaking out about the writing that is clearly on the wall.

    • Orthodox Jews are generally conservative from what I have been able to learn, but do not talk about politics at all.

      So they vote the right way, but will never be activists. Reform jews are nearly all commies like so many Churches are now.

      Listen to Dennis Prager’s show. He touches on this now and again and its ALWAYS worth the time to listen to him. He is an exceptional defender of reason, truth, Judaism and Christianity. Amazing show. Really.

  2. People are afraid if they look at the truth they will suddenly find themselves the recipients of the left-wing anger that they know is only seconds away the minute you say the wrong thing. Your whole damn life could come apart in a matter of weeks with one slip of the tongue nowadays, or more precisely, one slip of the mind. Failing to hate Donald Trump with all your heart could cost you your job, your marriage, your social circle, and your finances. It could ruin you if you were in any number of professions. What do you think your chances of getting tenure and becoming a full professor once they hear that you think climate change is bullshit and radical Islam is the greatest danger the world faces? You might as well take your PhD. and burn it…

    People are afraid that their entire lives will lurch off the rails if they as much as glance at Geert Wilders or Stephen Coughlin or anybody else who actually knows what they are talking about…

  3. Chris understands what is happening, the left has spent a long time seizing enough power in the Academy, in Politics and in controlling the News Media that people are afraid to go against them. I don’t know what the people in the small towns and on the farms and ranches in Canada are thinking but those in the Cities are like the ones in the Cities and all European nations. Scared of making waves because if they do their entire world will collapse.

    The problem with this approach to living is that the left has so screwed up the political and economic systems in the world that everything is gong to collapse no matter what the people or the self proclaimed elite do, it is going to collapse. Earlier today I posted a video about how China’s economy is about to collapse ( ). While China is the weakest of the large economies it is far from the only large economy that is close to collapsing. During the Obama years his economic advisers re-inflated all of the bubbles that caused the 08 collapse and actually succeed in making them larger and more unstable. Will the coming collapse come from the economy collapsing causing the Islamic Invaders to turn violent because the welfare is no longer being paid? Or will it be caused by one or more nation collapsing into a big civil war becasue the people are fed up with the crimes of the invaders not being punished and with the leftist policies of their politicians.

    I don’t know which will occur but in the US the violence is probably (well over 75% and possibly over 95%) going to start when the left realized that the voters have recognized what the left is up to and vote to contined on the bath of restoring freedom that Donald Trump is following.

  4. Richard I think the rural Canadian folk are very much American in their thinking. –Same stock and same sensibilities.

    Maybe the coming collapse is better described as a controlled default or “reset”. The authorities will try to keep things civilized, but areas where people get desperate will see violence.

    As you know, August 15, 1971 was both a reset and a default. Neither riots, nor looting rippled in its wake, but it was truly a default, and it was instigated by Charles de Gaulle.

    I fear this time it will be different because we, as a society, seem less civilized. Our manners are worse, our families are broken, and our morals are, well, demoralized. We then have the specter of a Fifth Column to deal with. This is the real unkown. How will the communists and muslims mobilize, and how will law enforcement side?

    Too many questions. Too few answers.

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