Michael Hansen set to release next film, on the left, and freedom of speech in Canada

Michael Hansen, creator of the important film, Killing Europe, announces the imminent release of his next project, Oh Canada!. A close look at the institutional and activist transformation of Canada from a liberal state with human rights, to a kind of Marxist state with group rights at the expense of real human rights.

Please check out the movie page here:

And below, a few clips and trailers from the film:

There will also be an American version of this movie. And I can tell you all, you will want to see both when they are released.

The Canadian version will have its premiere on September 15, 2018

And the US version, October 1 2018.

No word as yet as to when they will be available online.

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3 Replies to “Michael Hansen set to release next film, on the left, and freedom of speech in Canada”

  1. The interview with the young guy is interesting because he’s actually a very reasonable young man but he is simply misinformed about virtually everything. He’s been told that Trump hates Jews and Mexicans so he believes it, but when you tell him the actual facts he changes his mind. I think that’s the case with a lot of people. They literally do not know what’s going on and if they did they would switch sides. Like, I know that anybody who reads the Quran cannot do so without becoming very conservative on the subject as its sinister content becomes clear to you…

  2. Islam has five pillars, these are basic precepts and the sentiments of the one quoted below are all through the Quran.
    “Convert, enslave or kill all the non-believers”.
    The punishment for leaving Islam – Apostasy, is death. Bloggers are regularly attacked/killed in Pakistan for mild criticism of Islam. M103 in Canada is just the beginning of suppression of Canadian free speech.

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