Unknown agent attempts take down of movie, ‘Killing Canada’

The film Michael Hansen made about the massive loss of true liberal freedoms in Canada under the current Trudeau government, was made available free on line on February 4th by the website, Free Speech Defence.com and interestingly at the same time, that server came under its first meaningful DDoS attack ever.

According to the person who hosts the domain, “there is no doubt it was because of that movie being on that server”.

The attack is known as a “UDP-Based Amplification Attack”, and was as much a test of the server’s defences as it was an attempt to take down the movie’s availability.

But it clearly was an attempt to make the film, unavailable to the public.

The good news is, the film is available to the public!

Killing Canada from Dane Hansen on Vimeo.

Please enjoy and spread the link to all you know. If this much effort is being used to suppress this movie, its worth seeing for yourself and deciding about its value.

Thank you again FSD for the information, and Michael Hansen for making this film free to the public for us all to see.


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