Correcting the new fake-record on muslim sex-slave gangs of British white girls

Recently there has been a little eruption of articles, videos and hearings to do damage control on what is a geopolitical phenomenon way beyond any issue of crime and punishment.

That issue is the targeted kidnapping and raping and addicting to drugs (part of the kidnapping) and then forced prostitution of the girls to thousands of men, where they get maimed, beaten or killed for disobedience but certainly no share of the money they bring in, cannot be described as crime.

Now, some levels of British bureaucracy is attempting to make it seem like fear of being seen as racist is the cause. This is still just fluff and damage control. What they still have not said is, that muslims, who were assisting these gangs, worked with them, or was sympathetic to them, had been hired as police reaching very high up in the forces, and also some muslim politicians knew all about this and provided cover for these gangs.

Some muslim police even took girls who ran away and were told about their treatment in captivity, and brought them back to the sex-slaver gangs that held them. Like bringing back a runaway dog. Except if a dog shows signs of having been abused, typically its taken away and the people who did it are jailed or fined. Not so in the case of these White, British, very young girls.

Below, the segment from Michael Hansen’s important film, Killing Europe, where he interviewed one of the Rotherham victims and she tells of not just her experience with muslim sex slavers, but how the constabulary treated her and one politician who made sure it all continued.

This is part of the film, Killing Europe, that the Ottawa Public Library refused to show because ‘racism’ but several copies of Mein Kampf could be found on second story bookshelves.

We are posting this clip because so many of the usual Youtube people are discussing this issue as if there has been a victory of sorts. But without mentioning that it was muslim police and muslim minor politicians who were major facilitators of this historical class crime, it feels like just more controlled opposition.

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8 Replies to “Correcting the new fake-record on muslim sex-slave gangs of British white girls”

  1. I’ve seen this video several times and it’s no easier to listen to now, than the first time, and no less incredible.
    I cannot believe that the adults before the 1960’s would have allowed this to go on. The ones I remember.
    The left talk about being progressive.
    Where exactly are we progressing to…….?

    • Marching into barbarism and slavery isn’t progress, except in the minds of the left who think they will be the Nobles and Royals of the neo feudal system they are building.

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