Too dangerous a movie to show in Ottawa

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Dear Readers.

It has been a very long day. And details will be forthcoming. For the moment, know this.

Below, is a link to a movie that is clearly too dangerous for Canadians to see, as the Ottawa Public Library cancelled the showing at the last minute after assuring all involved that it would be no problem.

Please consider renting it and watching it. It is by the Danish film maker, Michael Hansen and is an excellent well made film. In fact, OANN has broadcast the first half 7 times now on their rapidly growing cable news network to great reviews.

It is a $2.99 rental and well worth it. And apparently, cannot be shown at a public venue in Canada.

Find out why here.

Please look to Gates of Vienna later tonight for more of this story.

Remember, if you want to turn a communist thug quasi victory into a massive defeat, just rent and watch the movie, and write a review of it somewhere so that others will know what the Ottawa municipal government does not want them to see. We can really lemons to lemonade this. And it deserves it. It is an excellent movie that simply has too much truth, and shows the ‘wrong’ groups as victims.


For immediate release:

Ottawa, 24th of November, 2017
Cancellation of the Screening of the Documentary Film ‘Killing Europe’ at the Ottawa Public Library
The world premiere screening of the documentary film ‘Killing Europe’ by the Danish-born film-maker, Michael Hansen had been  scheduled to take place on Saturday, the 25th of November, 2017, from 2 to 4 pm, in the Ottawa Public Library Main Auditorium, 120 Metcalfe St., Ottawa.  On the 24th of November, 2017, the Ottawa Public Library had informed Act! Ottawa that they were withdrawing from the agreement to rent us space to screen this documentary film, as it was deemed to be in breech of community standards.
Act! for Canada is an organization that highlights human rights abuses, giving voice to victims of violence and oppression, regardless of the consequences.  It is in this spirit that Act! for Canada was screening this documentary film, ‘Killing Europe’.  The subject of this documentary is difficult, painful and may be triggering to more vulnerable members of our society – and Act! for Canada fully admits that.
It sheds light on the growth of several very problematic movements within Europe, including  homophobia, Anti-Semitism and rape-culture.  However difficult these issues are, it is essential that they be exposed for what they are, and that the victims have the opportunity to tell their stories, no matter how difficult and traumatic these are.
This is exactly what the documentary film ‘Killing Europe’ does:  it brings forward the personal, first-person accounts of stories of victims of rape, anti-Semitism, and homophobia and the violence they had been subjected to.  Yes, these stories are painful and troubling, but they are true, first-person accounts of victims of institutionalized violence – and they deserve a fair hearing.
By de-platforming the world premiere screening of ‘Killing Europe’, the City of Ottawa and the Ottawa Public Library are permitting the perpetuation of these abuses and are permitting themselves to be tools of institutionalized oppression.
We, at Act! for Canada, are staunch defenders of the human rights of the most vulnerable members of our society, and we condemn, in the strongest terms possible, the re-victimization of women who have bravely spoke out of their experience of rape and the institutionalized misogyny that they had been subjected to being further compounded by being denied the means to share their experience by the City of Ottawa and the Ottawa Public Library.
For Act! for Canada, Act!Ottawa,
Alexandra Belaire



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  1. Perhaps to counterweight western rhetoric Hungary continues to support its film industry with world-beating films. Here is another interesting film following Academy-award winning Son of Saul. Commie Jews can wail all they want while right-thinking Jews can revel in the renaissance and resurgence of an Orban-led Hungary finally getting back on it’s feet after years of Soviet oppression. What is Hungary without Jews? What are Hungarian Jews without Hungary?

    I ask without having answers. Don’t hate me for asking.,amp.html

    • My only complaint about Hungary and the situation for Jews there is that so few of them make aliya. Yeah, they visit Israel and support it from the Diaspora, but they’re not part of the exodus from Europe.

      I’m not sure if there’s even a decent Hungarian restaurant in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.

    “Hello there…..its me again…….Don Laird…….

    If I am known for anything, I am known for speaking truth.

    I am known for speaking truth, for speaking cold truth, for speaking uncomfortable truth, for speaking the unspeakable, for refusing to speak the language of cowards and the treasonous, for speaking straight to the heart of the matter, for speaking words that are unfettered with the garbling, debilitating, suicidal saccharin sweetness of political correctness

    In the past I have warned of dealing with the Muslim and its Islam in any manner other than in a language and form which it understands with singular coherence, with singular perfection, in any manner other than that which speaks of unswerving, brutal action, actions that speak of an unmistakable sense of permanence and finality.

    Brutality and promises kept are the currency of providing us with the solution to the cancer of the Muslim and its Islam as it slowly but surely disfigures, ever so grotesquely, our civilization and destroys all we have built and all we hold dear.

    I have said before and say again, this fight will come to blood, it will end its course in rivers of blood, ours or theirs.

    As I watch the Muslim.

    As I watch, a conniving homosexual Muslim smears the walls of the White House with his treason and Islamic excrement, as I watch, this seditious Saracen gleefully feeds the Syrian meat-grinder, I watch as this seditious, murderous fraud arms our enemies around the world and whilst doing so seeks the demise of our allies. As I watch, the armies of ISIS march through the Levant. As I watch, the Muslim sweep through the Westgate Mall laying waste to the innocent. As I watch, the Muslim paints our bus and train stations with our own gore, painting terrorist masterpiece after terrorist masterpiece. As I watch, the Muslim butchers and behead one of our own in plain view. As I watch, the Muslim turns our daughters into sodomized whores, As I watch, streets around the world lay littered with millions of non-Muslims dead and that number growing exponentially. As I watch the Muslim craft its madness before our very eyes, and I watch us do nothing.

    Oh how I watch………

    I watch as we stand idle, I watch as we dither, I watch as we avert our gaze, I watch as we defer, I watch as we are suicidally indecisive, I watch as we defer, I watch as we refuse to act but wallow in discussion and debate, I watch as we tremble, I watch as we mitigate and excuse, I watch as we give quarter after quarter, I watch as we ignore, and whilst we do this, all of this, I watch us, as Enoch Powell so prophetically intoned, “It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre”.

    Still watching…..

    I watch as the Muslim speaks clearly its hatred of us, each and every one. I watch as the Muslim speaks clearly to its intent and lays out its demands, I watch as the Muslim, emboldened by our cowardice, picks up its sword and shield and marches on our homes, setting the same on fire and laying waste to us by the hundreds of thousands, and I am reminded of the words of a poet;

    Slowly comes a hungry people, as a lion, creeping nigher,
    Glares at one that nods and winks behind a slowly-dying fire.

    -Locksley Hall
    -Alfred Lord Tennyson

    How rich, that the righteous, withering fires of outrage sparked by the mass murder of over 3000 souls in New York have burned down to little more than embers of sullen, childish indifference. What a mockery we have made of the murder of masses of our own as now we offer up more lambs to the slaughter. What cowards we are.

    We have lost the taste for blood. We have lost the taste for battle. We have become weak, lethargic, apathetic. We have become afraid. And the Muslim knows it, it knows it well.

    We ask our youngest and bravest to do that which we will not, that which we are trembling and loathe to do; to die in defence of an ideology, to die in defence of gifts given us by men far greater than we could ever be. I wonder, were those men of decades past to see the mockery we have made of their trials, their tribulations, their sacrifice, would they have been so eager to set sail and cross oceans to face genocidal madness? I think not. I think they would say that honour and gratitude cannot be found among those they died defending but only amongst those they died with.

    To avert our impending enslavement, in order to avert our impending slaughter at the hands of the Muslim and its Islam we must find our courage, we must find our voices and we must find them quickly.

    We must realize that we are being destroyed by those hard won protections that provide the very foundation of our Western civilization. We must realize that our love of democracy, of human rights, of the rule of law and of humanity is a weapon that is being used against us. We must realize that the Muslim despises that which we love but it recognizes the worth of the same as a tool to effect its goal of a global caliphate. We must take that tool from the hands of the vulgar Muslim, we must suspend human rights, we must suspend the rule of law and the niceties of democracy in order to effectively cut from our midst, the murderous cancer of Islam.

    For tactic and strategy in dealing Islam a fatal blow, we should look no further that the comparisons of individual polar explorers.

    The greatest folly and demise can be found in those explorers who were rigid in their application of explorative effort, who would not adapt to their surroundings, who refused to think creatively, instead, maintaining at all costs, even in the face of the impending death of themselves and their charges, British naval tradition and the stiff upper British lip. It was a recipe for madness and disaster.

    Look then to those who stole glory and success from the hands of death and adversity by simply adapting to their environment, by recognizing the nature of that which opposed them, by recognizing the malevolence and unforgiving omnipotence of polar regions. Those same courageous, unswerving and indefatigable men looked to those who had flourished in those harsh climes for millennia and adapted their customs and habits. In so doing those explorers won the day, advanced the course of humanity in spectacular fashion and secured their honoured place in tomes historical.

    So then, let us look to the Muslim, let us look to their unswerving focus on their caliphate, on their desire for success, on their hatred of us, on their 1400 year old desire to be rid of us, let us fight the Mohammadan with the weapons it so dearly loves.

    Let us pursue the Muslim, let us give them no quarter, let us harry them at every turn, let us hinder their every effort to advance their cause, let us snatch life itself from the bodies of the murderous among them, let us deny them purchase and foothold wherever they seek to secure political office and influence, let us drag them kicking and screaming into the light of day and show the civilized world the true face of the Muslim; a face of savage barbarity, sexual depravity and murderous lunacy. Let us give them a taste of their own medicine, let us read them a page or two from their own murderous screed, and in so doing, we find a cure for the cancer of Islam.

    We can begin that curative action with a robust program of deportation of those barbarous, savage Muslim vulgarities, the same vulgarities that hate us, that oppose us, that hate all we stand for, that hate all we have built and that seek to obliterate us.

    I have always advocated the implementation of internment camps and a robust program of M.A.I.D.


    We have, in the past, with great success, used arrest, internment and deportation to remove from our midst those who posed a lethal threat to our national security, to the sanctity of our sovereignty. That clear and present danger, those echoes of the past now loom large and time has come once again to act decisively

    As I said, this fight will come to blood, it will end its course in rivers of blood.

    The only question that remains is will those be rivers of our blood or rivers of theirs, will we be victors or vanquished?

    It’s a simple question, quite simple really.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada”

  3. I understand Ottawa city councillor Tim Tierney was behind this cancellation.

    I can’t remember if he used to work in the Bank of Canada or for the Ministry of Finance and at the same time against his employers policies made extra income owning web design company Red Shift Media that designed a number of websites for Liberal candidates for the 2008 federal election*/

    Be sure to get snapshots of the pages before he has these taken down.

    Feel free to contact us:
    Tim Tierney
    Recent RedShiftMedia success :
    “Below are just some of the latest works the RedShiftMedia has had the privilege to work on. To see a more complete list make sure to visit our portfolio section on the website.

    Maria McRae
    Maria McRae is a city of Ottawa Councilor that asked RedShiftMedia to assist in all aspect of communication, branding in regards to the internet.

    Anthony Rota MP
    RedShiftMedia was honored to be selected to create this leading edge design.

    ITUtility.NET Incorporated
    IT Utility required branding, marketing and a web site. They continue to be a leader in SaaS technologies as a result of the professional look.

    “Below are just some of the latest works the RedShiftMedia has had the privilage to work on. To see a more complete list make sure to visit our portfolio section on the website.

    Maria McRae
    Maria McRae is a city of Ottawa Councilor that asked RedShiftMedia to assist in all aspect of communication, branding in regards to the internet.

    Anthony Rota MP
    RedShiftMedia was honored to be selected to create this leading edge design.

    ITUtility.NET Incorporated
    IT Utility required branding, marketing and a web site. They continue to be a leader in SaaS technologies as a result of the professional look.

    Beacon Hill North Community
    A successful community website that features community happenings.

    A Microsoft partner group that sells SAAS products, SharePoint,etc.

    Dr. Kirsty Duncan MP
    RedShiftMedia was honored to be selected to create this leading edge design.

    Rick Chiarelli

    Sping for Water
    Spring for Water is a Algonquin college fundraising campaign that RedShiftMedia was proud to help with.

    RedShiftMedia was able to help the Eastern Ontario Landlord Organization (EOLO).

  4. I don’t stream films on my computer so I am curious if there is a way to purchase the dvd or download the video. Advice welcomed.

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