A response to an absurd little imam in a privileged situation who faces no real adversity whatsoever.

The other day, someone burned three copies of the Islamic terror-text, the koran in front of a mosque in Dearborn Mi. A debate could go on endlessly about the wisdom, utility and decency of this act. But the imam who works at that mosque had this to say about the event:

““That’s terrorism,” Imam Husham Al-Husainy said about the Qurans, which were found burning outside the mosque this week. “This is hate. … Let’s pray for peace here and all around the world.”

Just to be perfectly clear here Al-Husainy, burning a few copies of a crappy book that pretty much says nothing other than inspiring violence, genocide and hatred is not terrorism.

This, Boko Haram stone & buried Chibok Girls to Death , is terrorism.

This, ISIS Leader: ‘See You in New York’ is terrorism.

This, Nigerian villagers ‘killed in Boko Haram church attack’ is terrorism.

This, We’ve Lost 750 Churches To Boko Haram Attacks – PFN is terrorism.

This, Gunmen kill nine in northeast Nigeria church attack is terrorism.

This, Hindu temple attacked, set on fire in Pakistan is terrorism.

This, report on Muslim forced prostitution of British girls in the UK is terrorism.

I could go on pasting till I had carpal-tunnel syndrome and not run out of genuine Islamic horror and terror and still just be dealing with the last 12 months Al-Husainy, and I don’t see you getting your ball-gown or turban in a twist over any one of those.

As for burning korans, that is what we call 1st amendment rights for those that have/had them. For the rest of us, I recommend carrying an honest translation of koran around in your coat pocket for the purpose of demonstrating to people you might run into socially how pretty much every single page of it contains instructions and even demands to hate, kill and commit real acts of violence, terror and even genocide against all non-muslims.

Allah’s Apostle said, “I have been sent with the shortest expressions bearing the widest meanings, and I have been made victorious with terror (cast in the hearts of the enemy), and while I was sleeping, the keys of the treasures of the world were brought to me and put in my hand.” Abu Huraira added: Allah’s Apostle has left the world and now you, people, are bringing out those treasures (i.e. the Prophet did not benefit by them).

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Man accused of driving at Christian protesters accepts plea, gets probation

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Fjordman, Jihad Watch, the ROP 

From Advisor and Source:

By Joe Slezak

Attorney Christopher Andreoff (left) and Mike Mohamad Agemy listen during a preliminary examination of the evidence against Agemy on Monday before 19th District Judge Mark Somers. Photo by Joe Slezak

DEARBORN — Mike Mohamad Agemy, who drove his SUV at a group of Christian demonstrators in front of the Islamic Center of America on June 17, won’t be headed to trial.

Instead, he chose to enter a no-contest plea to two lesser charges during a preliminary examination of the evidence against him Monday before 19th District Judge Mark Somers.

It was a continuation of the hearing that started Aug. 3 and included two witnesses from the “Bible Believers,” who were protesting in front of the mosque, 19500 Ford Road.

Had Agemy not agreed ahead of time to accept the plea, seven “Bible Believers” would have been flown in from the Western U.S. for Monday’s hearing. The two who testified Aug. 3 are from New Mexico.

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Muslim man sues over order to remove headdress in court

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Detroit News:

He claims Dearborn court guards violated his religious rights

  • By Candice Williams
  • The Detroit News
  • Comments
Khalil Fareed says after he was told he couldn’t wear his kufi headdress and removed it in 36th District Court, “I just felt like I had been violated.” (Clarence Tabb Jr. / The Detroit News)

Dearborn — Everywhere Khalil Fareed goes, he wears a kufi, a religious headdress that reflects his Muslim faith.

In May, as he appeared as a witness in 36th District Court, Fareed said two security officers told him he would have to remove the garment or leave.

Fighting what he says was a violation of his religious rights, Fareed, an African American Muslim from Detroit, filed a complaint Thursday in U.S. District Court against G4S Secure Solutions, the company that employs the court officers.

“This is very unfortunate if you consider we are a nation of immigrants,” said Fareed’s attorney Nabih Ayad. “We are a nation that tolerates religion in every aspect, in every form.”

The Florida-based security company is an independent contractor for the 36th District Court, Ayad said.

During the May 4 incident, Judge Marylin Atkins had not yet taken the bench when Fareed, a real estate professional, said he entered the courtroom to appear as a witness in a tenant/landlord dispute that involved a friend.

Fareed said that when a female security officer told him he had to remove his kufi, he explained that he wears it for religious reasons.

He said the officer replied that she did not care and that he had to remove it or leave.

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Raw footage of the Dearborn welcome.

I do think this should be known as the ‘Dearborn Welcome’. Whenever a group of peaceful dissenters arrive somewhere and groups of mustards start throwing bottles, stones and eggs etc. at them. The Dearborn Welcome. I suspect it will catch on.

I must say I do like the pigs head. I wish he had a wheel of Brie on another stick in his other hand though.

Muslims in the US warn Christians not to carry a bible or they will “Get their ass kicked”

Sharia in America. Here it is kiddo.

June 16 2012

Politicians, the media, and Muslim organizations assure us that Muslims have no desire to establish Sharia in America. For whatever reason, some Muslims didn’t get the memo.

Michael Coren interviews the man behind Acts 17 Apologetics

I am a huge fan of both of these fine men. To see Mr. Coren interview him alone was good enough for me. But what is being said I believe is critical information. The state of various municipalities in the US today, how governments with large Islamic influence have abandoned all semblance of American constitutional law, and are run like organized crime with religious justification.

When Muslims play football.

Answering Muslims have a great post on this issue, explained by the video below.

Answering Muslims is actually a fantastic site which has a great perspective on all issues Islamic and anti-Christian that I have seen so far.

I have to admit, Muslims have a great racket going. When they commit violent crimes against the Kuffar in Western nations, any attempt at applying the law is ‘Islamophobia’ or, ‘racism against Arabs’. While when Muslims commit violent crimes against non-Muslims in Islamic lands, well it is the sharia. It is lawful that these crimes be committed and perhaps even a religious duty to commit them.

If there are any non-Muslims left working in immigration boards in Europe and North America, please reconsider your admittance policies.


The latest video from the Christian apologetics ninjas over at AnsweringMuslims.com is a joy to behold. It contains the usual combination of precise and irrefutable scholarship with their unique sense of humour, but this time it’s also a little different.

There’s a really pro-active tone of positivity and empowerment here: watch right to the end to pick up some really useful tips on how you can take positive steps this month (symbolic in its Judeo-Christian festivities of all that is best about Western Civilization) to combat ignorance of Islam.

This guidance follows a characteristically brilliant deconstruction of the utterly mad rhetoric on Islam now coming out of the Obama administration, which just today classified the Fort Hood massacre as “workplace violence”!

To quote from Dr David Wood in the video:

The Anti-American dreamteam then [i.e extremists and the liberal establishment] consists almost entirely of cowards and morons: the ONLY way we could ever be defeated by a force like that, is if we do absolutely nothing.