When Muslims play football.

Answering Muslims have a great post on this issue, explained by the video below.

Answering Muslims is actually a fantastic site which has a great perspective on all issues Islamic and anti-Christian that I have seen so far.

I have to admit, Muslims have a great racket going. When they commit violent crimes against the Kuffar in Western nations, any attempt at applying the law is ‘Islamophobia’ or, ‘racism against Arabs’. While when Muslims commit violent crimes against non-Muslims in Islamic lands, well it is the sharia. It is lawful that these crimes be committed and perhaps even a religious duty to commit them.

If there are any non-Muslims left working in immigration boards in Europe and North America, please reconsider your admittance policies.

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4 Replies to “When Muslims play football.”

  1. “Charged because they were Arab-American and for no other reason.”
    Yeah, right! They just can’t stop lying, playing the victim and crying like babies. It’s inbuilt, like Tourettes. They just can’t stop it.
    Four against one. Cowards also.

  2. “Charged because they were Arab-American and for no other reason.”

    He isn’t lying here.
    He is right under Sharia law. Christians have no rights.

    Under Sharia which is the only law Islam recognizes true-Muslims are supreme.
    Try for a moment to visualize what that entails. You can rape, steal, assault and batter anyone at anytime. Killing you have to pay a fee.
    This is Islams Utopia.

    Compare that with:
    Christian Utopia you do on to others as you would like others to do too you.
    buddhist Utopia is to leave well enough alone
    Shinto wasn’t far off from Islam though but based around a living person though the end of WWII changed his status which changed the religion.

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