Muslims in the US warn Christians not to carry a bible or they will “Get their ass kicked”

Sharia in America. Here it is kiddo.

June 16 2012
Politicians, the media, and Muslim organizations assure us that Muslims have no desire to establish Sharia in America. For whatever reason, some Muslims didn’t get the memo.

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13 Replies to “Muslims in the US warn Christians not to carry a bible or they will “Get their ass kicked””

  1. one day some one is going to get so pi55ed at the musturds arrogance, they will get sharia law shoved right up their a55.
    where is the Michigan militia when you need them?

  2. Things are building around the world for the perfect storm of violence and war, this is just another sign of what is to come.

  3. What part of “total domination” did we not understand…….

    This gets more serious by the day.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  4. And Australia is currently rescuing a boat load of muslims who are sinking off the coast of indonesia. The Aussies are going to bring them to AUSTRALIA! Fools and cowards.

  5. The big fat moron, puffing away on his cigarette, doesn’t even realize that if there were sharia law smoking would be haram. Beyond that, judging from his girth I have a sneaking suspiscion he’s putting slices of ham in his falafel sandwiches.

  6. Somehow I get the feeling fat boy is not a Muslim…he did not have even the pretense of piousness most Muslims would put across. He’s probably just an atheistic troll who wants to jerk the Christian’s chain. But I could be wrong.

  7. That said, wearing the traditional Arab headgarb was an odd choice on the part of the Canadian. I really didn’t buy his explanation for it either.

  8. They can go jump in a damn lake! I am catholic and canada is 76% christian and the USA is 80! We were here first! WE dont care about your religion or culture go home idiots!!!!!!!!!!WHite women hate u too!

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