A response to an absurd little imam in a privileged situation who faces no real adversity whatsoever.

The other day, someone burned three copies of the Islamic terror-text, the koran in front of a mosque in Dearborn Mi. A debate could go on endlessly about the wisdom, utility and decency of this act. But the imam who works at that mosque had this to say about the event:

““That’s terrorism,” Imam Husham Al-Husainy said about the Qurans, which were found burning outside the mosque this week. “This is hate. … Let’s pray for peace here and all around the world.”

Just to be perfectly clear here Al-Husainy, burning a few copies of a crappy book that pretty much says nothing other than inspiring violence, genocide and hatred is not terrorism.

This, Boko Haram stone & buried Chibok Girls to Death , is terrorism.

This, ISIS Leader: ‘See You in New York’ is terrorism.

This, Nigerian villagers ‘killed in Boko Haram church attack’ is terrorism.

This, We’ve Lost 750 Churches To Boko Haram Attacks – PFN is terrorism.

This, Gunmen kill nine in northeast Nigeria church attack is terrorism.

This, Hindu temple attacked, set on fire in Pakistan is terrorism.

This, report on Muslim forced prostitution of British girls in the UK is terrorism.

I could go on pasting till I had carpal-tunnel syndrome and not run out of genuine Islamic horror and terror and still just be dealing with the last 12 months Al-Husainy, and I don’t see you getting your ball-gown or turban in a twist over any one of those.

As for burning korans, that is what we call 1st amendment rights for those that have/had them. For the rest of us, I recommend carrying an honest translation of koran around in your coat pocket for the purpose of demonstrating to people you might run into socially how pretty much every single page of it contains instructions and even demands to hate, kill and commit real acts of violence, terror and even genocide against all non-muslims.

Allah’s Apostle said, “I have been sent with the shortest expressions bearing the widest meanings, and I have been made victorious with terror (cast in the hearts of the enemy), and while I was sleeping, the keys of the treasures of the world were brought to me and put in my hand.” Abu Huraira added: Allah’s Apostle has left the world and now you, people, are bringing out those treasures (i.e. the Prophet did not benefit by them).

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    I can only hope….We can only hope, that perhaps decent American citizens have finally grown sick and tired of having the filth and excrement of a 7th century mass murdering pedophile smeared on everything they hold dear.

    Like I said…..I can only hope…….we can only hope.

    But the reality is that this is most likely one of those “false flag” Muslim homecooked “terrorism” incidents, sort of like the “drive-by-porking” of a mosque in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia where a package of bacon was found on the street in front of the mosque……the Imam in the BC case called the local Mass Media station and arranged a photo-op during which hijabed children were filmed running screaming in “terror” into the mosque upon spying the “weapon” (package of bacon).

    As it later turned out, the bacon had fallen from a shoppers grocery bags on her way home…..a fact that got no press from the same Mass Media stations….the same fact that was ignored by the Imam of the mosque.

    In any case, whether its parking-jihad or garment-jihad or law-fare or any of the other weapons that the Muslim uses so enthusiastically to advance their goal of the complete and total Islamification of the civilized world. They are reaching the breaking point, they are reaching that point of super-heated critical mass, they are reaching that aviation term of “The Point of No Return”.

    In any case, as Vlad says, its the absolute absurdity of much of this fanatical fecal matter that is flung about the civilized world with such enthusiastic ferocity that is my very best weapon. The damage it does to their cause when discussed in detail in town and homes and cites across Western Canada is off the chart, seriously, off the chart.

    So, in a very perverse way, I say to these poisonous little windbags and blowhards, please keep up the good work; I could not have a better more effective ally in the movement to isolate and remove the vulgar Muslim and its Islam from our midst.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

    • Good one Don! How true that is! The little mosque rats can indeed be their own worse enemy because most of them are simply not very sophisticated, often primal, and mostly stupid. I especially love it when they log scathing, angry, and often violent comments, all the while shouting about how islam IS the “peaceful religion,” all in the same paragraph and oblivious to the absurdity, not to mention irony of their rant-filled spew.

      Methinks the absurdity of their comments are relative to the size of the shit stain upon their foreheads, squared with the size of the hole in their prayer rugs.

      And I didn’t even mention their inbreeding, lol.

  2. Once again, the single most important, and arguably the ONLY aspect of freedom of speech that matters, is the freedom to criticize, insult, question, mock and otherwise draw negative or any kind of attention to political and religious authority. Islam, thanks to UN resolution 16/18 as well as rioting, terrorism threats and targeted assassinations, have been trying to crush this particular freedom while actually having the temerity to claim they respect freedom of speech, by which they mean theirs to attack us.

    There is one tactic that can defeat our most basic and important freedom of speech.

    If we stop using it. It’s down to us. Speak about Islamic religious authority where it is a threat to our democracies and freedoms and any religious authority and any authority. The second we give up the right for fear or politeness, we can be guaranteed that the opportunity to use that freedom will be lost. Tyranny is always looking in the wings and will always take opportunities we give it, and sadly, sometimes demand take the reigns.

    • Never stop spreading the word about the vulgar Muslim and its poisonous Islam, never.

      Regards, Don Laird
      Dogtown Bastard
      Alberta, Canada

  3. Pakistan air raids in North Waziristan ‘kill militants’ (BBC, June 14, 2014)

    “Pakistani fighter jets have carried out air strikes against militant hideouts, killing dozens of fighters, officials in the north-west of the country say. The strikes were in the mountainous Dehgan area in the North Waziristan tribal district, a stronghold for Taliban and al-Qaeda-linked militants.

    Uzbek militants were targeted, amid reports that fighters from Uzbekistan took part in an attack on Karachi airport which began last Sunday. No exact casualty figures were given. “The strikes were carried out based on confirmed reports about the presence of Uzbek and other militants in the area,” an official said.

    It is the second set of strikes in the region this week, days after the airport attack claimed by the Pakistani Taliban, which killed at least 30 people. The group said the assault was in revenge for the killing of their leader last year.

    Correspondents say the recent hostilities have all but destroyed a tentative peace process between the Pakistani Taliban and the government. Pakistan has been fighting an Islamist insurgency for more than a decade, with the Pakistani Taliban the main militant grouping…”

  4. Quote: ” I recommend carrying an honest translation of koran around in your coat pocket for the purpose of demonstrating to people you might run into socially how pretty much every single page of it contains instructions and even demands to hate, kill and commit real acts of violence, terror and even genocide against all non-muslims.”
    That would be the Dawood version, it is an English translation and said to be the closest to the original.
    No Al Taqiyya / Al Tawriya & Kitman / Kithman like the other English “versions”

  5. Most of the English versions of the UN-holy Quran have been whitewashed for dhimmi consumption.)
    There is an English version of the UN-holy Koran, called the Dawood, by Penguin Books, that is the closest to the original.
    All the rest of the English Language versions are various levels of “Moslem Lite.” (A false and sanitized revisionist version of Islam) They are full of Al Taqiyya / Kithman lies that they want to teach you about “Islam” to make you think, “Islam is not so bad… I rather like it!” Because they purposely avoid informing you of the horrid TRUTH about Islam!
    However, I would NEVER buy that thing, and if I did, I would have to use bacon as a bookmark!

  6. When someone kidnaps your daughter, rapes your wife, dispossesses you from home and land, conquers your country and murders your community en masse, that is terrorism.
    When someone burns a book, it is an annoyance.

    • It is idolatry, isn’t it? Idolatry from the so-called most “perfect” monotheism, and let us not forget the stone “vagina” muslim pilgrims kiss and revere.

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