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8 Replies to “Muslim charged with attempted murder in Dearborn Mi.”

  1. So it’s the Dearborn Sheriff’s office that panders to the muslims. This couldn’t be the law enforcement branch that is headed by the former muslim “star” of “All American Muslim” could it????

    If it is it just reinforces what a farce “All American ” muslim” really was and what a farce the mere idea of a muslim “law enforcement” officer is.

    The difference between the Dearborn police and the Dearborn Sheriff’s office is good to have. I assumed it was a singular law enforcement group.

  2. This is the “Thin edge of the Wedge”, Alarm Bells be should Ringing throught America.

  3. Nothing will change until the MSM starts reporting on them, way too many people use them as their only source of the news.

    Remember before he was elected Obama said he would side with the Moslems every time.

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